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 Our efforts are directed to the Oncology department and for the children that have to stay in the hospital from other illness.  our goal is to keep a fresh supply of Toys, Games, and arts and crafts flowing each year around Christmas. You can Donate using PayPal. Pay Pal is  easy and secure, you can use a Visa Checkcard, or a regular credit card. We are NOT set up to take checks for Kids Cancer Tree. But if by check is the only way you can donate, then To donate by check so to help fight Pediatric Cancer you can contribute by check, sending a check through the mail payable to: Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund - 333 Lancaster Avenue - #414 Wynnewood, PA 19096   Alex's fund provides money for Pediatric Cancer Research. There are also other charites to chose from if you do not want to contribute to the Kids Cancer Tree then you can click on the buttons below for other organizations that help battle cancer.  Thank You. 

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Winners and Warriors
The winners have very good faith and have crossed the finish in the race to heaven
The Warriors continue to fight with all their power and bring honor and pride they bring joy and help us unite in the fight of cancer for in this race there are no losers, sadness will come, but joy and fun are abundent. written by Raymond 

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A prayer of hope and thanks 
by Raymond Bautista

Dear Lord: 
Please guide me through the day, allow me to see the beauty of your goodness in this world. Thank you for my life and the gifts that fuel my joy, Thank you God for giving me the power to cry. sadness is a gift just give me guidance on when to use it. I know Jesus walks beside all of us, I will listen with my heart and allow me to hear his footsteps. 
My Lord Jesus, allow me to see evil so I can avoid it. Keep me safe from its power. Let me be able to fight evil with a peaceful loving heart. Give me the wisdom to understand your words. When you come for my wealth, health, and life, Lord let me have the sight to see your right and I will thank you for what I have enjoyed and I will surrender to your will. Lord until that day keep my soul safe with your warmth. written by Raymond

"Jesus walks beside all of us, if you listen with your heart you can hear his footsteps" by Raymond
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To those who have went home to God:  
Your journey to heaven has been a pleasant one, although the ones left behind have shed tears, your arrival in heaven is with hugs, smiles and cheers. written by Raymond
We all make a difference in the world, great or small, if you listen carefully you will hear the echoes of the footsteps left from those whom walked before us. written by Raymond
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If you are interested in helping me reach my goal please email me, or click the Paypal donate button. My goal is to raise money to buy new toys for the cancer kids playroom.
 Thank you very much.
Hi, My name is Raymond, I am a Neuroblastoma stage 4 cancer survivor. I built this website myself. It is dedicated to all who have battled cancer.  My mission is to raise awareness for childhood cancer, and to raise funds for Cancer research. We support the ALSF. Click here to donate to cancer research. 
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Sean Michael Hanson
Alex Scott, founder of Alex's lemonade Stand
Remember a fallen Hero
Point of a journey to enlighten your mind, body, soul, wealth, and happiness.
Jared Strayer
Pictured below are Josephine and Raymond in 2005 standing next to the New Windows based PC computer system that was built by  from contributions from the listeners  of  Monica Crowley's weekend radio show on  WABC AM77 in New York and  The Lee Rodgers morning Radio show on KSFO 560 in San Francisco  Further contributions  and thanks go out to members at The Nuge Board at Ted Nugent's website.
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Clinical Trials Info
Children's Cancer Web
Click Here for Information on Neuroblastoma
Family House
New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy
Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Program, University of California, San Francisco
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation®
Colonel David H. Hackworth  1930-2005
Colonel David H. Hackworth  1930-2005
There are many more not listed here who are fighting or have gone home to God pray for them too if you have a child with a web page email me i will get it  posted
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Image Used with Permission from Darlene Racicot
Goodbye to San Leandro police Officer Nels "Dan" Niemi
officer Nels Dan Niemi 
Killed in the line of duty.
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<< Looking for the Kids Cancer Tree ?   Click on the to << mini tree to see the 
<< Kids Cancer Tree Or scroll down  to see the wall of       The Cancer Winners and Warriors. 

Pictured above Josephine and Raymond  2006
Raymond delivered a customized Macintosh to replace the pediatrics old blown out Macintosh computer. This Mac was set up by Ray on a fully mobile cart so it can be wheeled to any room for and child that is too ill to visit the playroom. Raymond included hundreds of dollars worth of software. Special Thanks to the fans of  Lee Rodgers' morning show on KSFO 560 AM for making this one happen.  Also Raymond included a brand new professional artist drawing and painting kit .      
Click here to view the Neuroblastoma kids cancer tree.
The Compassionate Friends
Click Here to Find out about Neuroblastoma
Jacob Richard Rosati
Neuroblastoma Angels
Cancer Index
National Childhood Cancer Foundation
Children's Neuroblastima Cancer Foundation
Pictured above is Raymond working the Lemonade stand for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and Promoting 560 KSFO in June during "Lemonade days" that benefits pediatric cancer research. 
Above is the Make A Wish fundraiser that took place on 9/28/2006 at the Cold Stone Creamery, Many Bay Area radio stations helped get the word out, Including KSFO 
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 Below are the children on the Kids Cancer Tree, click on the child you are curious about.  To visit the Xmas season Kids Cancer Tree click here
This website has won the 2007/2008 World Web Award of Excellence
Sweet Baby Ray's sauce, makes life just a bit better.
Me and Justin kitch, CEO of Homestead.
Raymond and Justin Kitch, CEO of
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  Hello and welcome to the Kids Cancer Tree website. Use the Pay Pal button to donate to my site if you wish to help me continue my mission. I created this website in 2000, my mission is to raise awareness about Neuroblastoma, and to raise enough money to supply new toys, games, and arts and crafts supplies to hospital playrooms. When I was in the hospital for the first time, and when I was able to go to the play room and play, the toys were old and worn, but it still was fun. Since then I have supplied several computer systems to various hospital playrooms for kids to use. I also am trying to get enough money to get a steady flow of new toys keep a better choice of toys for kids to play with. So far I have supplied computers to hospital playrooms. To support the toy fund click a pay pal button on this page. The toy fund is not set up as tax deductable. I understand some people would consider their money wasted on buying toys, so if you would rather fund research, then donate to the Kids Cancer Tree research fund, this is tax deductable and goes to the ALSF Network. Click here to Donate online to Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation or click here to find a lemonade stand near you. or you can send a check or money order to: Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund - 333 Lancaster Avenue - #414 Wynnewood, PA 19096

You can also donate to Kids Cancer Tree via pay pal, help us replenish hospital playrooms with new toys.
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d"This is for the ones who never made it home. For straight to the Lord they went, for they have truly found peace" by Raymond  11/16/2000
Drug Alert
Raymond Bautista Founder and CEO of the USS GOBLIN
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 To donate the old fashioned way, send a check or money order to, Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund  
333 Lancaster Avenue - #414
 Wynnewood, PA 19096 
Goldberg & Osborne
  Hello all. My name is Raymond, I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage IV cancer in 1999 and I have recently gone through some major set backs regarding my health, and tragedy in my family. On January 4, 2012 at 10:30 PM my Great Grandma passed away in my arms. She was the most important person in my family and to me, she also was my sponsor that funded this and my other websites and server rentals. Then on February 29, 2012 my partner in this war on Neuroblastoma decided to go on ahead of me, and she drew her last breath and passed on. She was very special, not just to me, but to many. She has left a very large footprint on earth.  Below where you see all the kids, Anna is the first one. 
Many veterans have been stricken with cancer as a result of their service. Please visit this site if you have been ill ffrom exposure to asbestos.
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Another team on the line to fight childhood cancer
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Great Grandma Lita
Vanessa's Journey
JJ Moisa
Hi its me Raymond click to read my story
Brooke Mulford
Brooke Mulford 
Neuroblastoma Warrior and the 2017/2018 Holiday Christmas Tree Star.
CLICK HERE to see Brooke on the