When I went through my bone marrow, I had the most severe complications where my liver lost its blood supply. According to the doctor, I am the only person in the medical books to come back from such complications, at one point the transplant team came in discussed with me and my parents a shot in the dark, a lung, liver and kidney transplant in one big operation. They thought it was my best shot. One lab test came back, and the doctor told my Parents that it is a condition that is 100% fatal. When I was on life support I left standing orders no sedative and no induced coma unless they asked me first, I could not talk because of the tubes, but I used a notepad to write my answer. My Poppy also engineered and built a chest tube drain system and replaced the one they had me on, my Poppy's system evacuated the excess fluids from me much faster than what they had set up,  liters came out in a short time after he put his drain system in place. He had to battle with a nurse and eventually got the doctor to remove this nurse from my care and the doctor agreed because she made too many mistakes, and kept forgetting to use an alcohol wipe before she made an injection into my I.V. port. All known treatments were exhausted trying to restore proper blood flow to my liver. Nothing seemed to be working.  Later they told my parents I had a day maybe two to live, at that time i was not told this. 48 hours passed and I began to improve rapidly, The machine showed I was breathing on my own and the labs showed blood flow was restored. I was on my feet when I was supposed to be dead. The doctors used the word Miracle. Today, my liver is totally normal.
Hello, my name is Raymond. Feel free to take a look around my web site. Also you can check
out my first site I built. It is located at www.ussgoblin.com
here is a brief history of my battle with cancer. In 1999, I began to
have a lot of pain and weakness in my legs. I started running a
low grade fever, 101 F degrees. I was in a lot of pain, I did not
complain. However when I bumped my leg, or somebody touched
my knee I would let out a yell. Well, off to the doctor I went, I
explained I had aches, also I did have a low grade fever. The
doctor looked in my ears, in my throat, then said it is a virus, and
sent me home  with instructions to take Tylenol. Time passes,
temp now 99 to 101, aches worse, I look pale, my father complained how the last visit they did no blood tests. So, the doctor checks me out again, sends me home with instructions to now take children's Motrin, no blood tests, despite my Father asking them to take blood. They told him no they felt it was not needed. A few days later, I get a big nose bleed, it does not stop, after a while, my Father takes me in to emergency, they send me to the urgent care clinic. Still they did not run blood tests, despite my Father requesting them to do it. What they do is cauterize the inside of my nose to stop the bleeding. My Father asks why they still do not do a blood test. They say the Motrin is what thinned the blood and that's why I bled so much. Then they sent me home telling me to rest and the virus will run its course and all will be well. My Father was mad that they still did no blood work. He said he knew something was not right, he had a feeling this was not a little virus. I continued to get worse, fever is higher, I can barely walk. My Father is mad and he takes me to the ER. He Gave the ER doctor the run down, they send me to urgent care saying its not an emergency. Same story, this time my Father gives the doctor a detailed account of what I have gone through the last few weeks. My Father tells the doctor, there is something seriously wrong with me, so do a blood test. My Father insists on blood work, or he will file a complaint. They finally did blood work, after the test results came back, I was admitted to the hospital. I needed several transfusions of blood. I was in the hospital over night, after a few blood transfusions and better pain medicine I feel a little better. Then I see a hematologist and he does a test, a needle biopsy in my knee. At this time Pain is worse now, and I was totally unable to walk at all at this point. When the Doctor comes back, they say it is possibly leukemia. Now they have my Father take me to San Francisco to the oncology specialist. As we walked through the doors, well I rolled, my Poppy was pushing me in my wheel chair. Before my Poppy could speak They said ah you must be Raymond, and like a Stock car pulling into the pits, they swarm on me, make me comfortable, hook me up, more blood transfusions, then tests. At first it looked like leukemia, in the end the first diagnosis was wrong, They said it is advanced Neuroblastoma stage 4, I had a softball sized tumor near my liver, cancer cells had invaded my bone marrow. Later a bone scan indicated some bone activity, right where I had my leg pain. They said It was terminal and there is no cure, they could only treat each problem, and it was not going to be easy. I was given a grim prognosis, and my chance of a 2 year survival was 30%, without treatment, I had a month at the most. So it began, I was at war. I spent most of 1999, and the first few months of 2000 in the hospital. I think the ratio was for every one week I had at home, I spent 3 weeks in the hospital.

A Trip to the Edge. Written by Raymond  1/18/2003
The Final Push. Written by Raymond 2/5/2003