Josephine and Raymond
Thank you for your help.
Our goals for the winter of 2005 were met.
Is to be able to replace their dead Macintosh and set it up on a rolling computer cart to allow the children that are too ill to go to the playroom. This way they can safely stay in their bed and enjoy playing video games.  I am also going to supply a few bags of new toys like I do every year.  For 2006 Hayward Kaiser was given a complete Hewlett Packard system, It is their first computer for the kids playroom. We delivered it in February 2006, They did not have to wait till Christmas 2006. Thanks all that put in to help me pass along these great upgrades.
The contributions from 2004 were enough to achieve a budget to build a computer for the hospital playroom with a brand new Windows computer system for the kids that are staying in the hospital and have playroom access. 

December 2005, we sent out bags of toys, and delivered a new Windows XP PC and just recently we delivered a custom built macintosh to replace the old mac that quit. The playroom had so much Mac software but no Mac.
Posted 2/2/2006

2006, we were able to send out a half dozen computers to kids that needed them for school.

2007, we did not meet our goal to purchase a new lap top for the Hospital. But we did well at the other goals, including having our first Halloween lemonade stand and an amazing interview with Anna O'Connor you can read that here. INTERVIEW
We are looking forward to 2008, and we will be assembling a computer for another Hospital playroom for Christmas 2008.

2008, The ALSF raised over a million, and our fundraiser for the soldiers did just as good. Onward to 2009!
Josephine and I standing next to the surprise, A new computer! The USS Goblin sends out the message, MISSION ACOMPLISHED!
Pictured above is from February 2006, I delivered a rebuilt and upgraded Macintosh to replace their old Mac that fizzled out on them.  Plus I set it up on a wheeled cart so it can be wheeled to rooms for the children too ill to go to the playroom.

  Many Computer systems donated were rebuilt by from units supplied by Critical Reach. and from contributions from the listeners  of  Monica Crowley's weekend radio show on  WABC AM77 in New York and The Lee Rodgers morning Radio show on KSFO 560 in San Francisco.  Further contributions and thanks to the members at The Nuge Board at Ted Nugent's website.

It has become time for me to end my public life. I am sorry I have already shut down my Face Book KSFO Radio fan page. Lee has retired, and so have I.  I was a small part of the Lee Rodgers show. Not an official member, as Lee said, I am KSFO's unofficial whiz kid. It was too bad the powers that be did not allow us to have a farewell show. However the turn out for my final appearence at the mall under the KSFO flag was outstanding. The fans were supportive, and they all have been great to me over the last 7 years. When I last appeared with Lee for the fans on the stage during the KSFO listener fan cruise it was a great honor. I say the radio waves in the Bay Area will never be the same. I shall remain in touch with Lee, he and Mrs Rodgers have become family. They are my Aunt and Uncle. I will cheerish the freindship to at least the Mayan apocolypse, and if Earth is still around, we shall see what the new cycle brings.
   2009 was my final public appearence at the mall. June 13, and 14, I was out at Fremont Hub running my Lemonade stand, but thanks to the friends of Ted Nugent, all goals were met before I even set up. Those who have contacted me and made their pledge,  The kind of people that call Ted Nugent, friend, are life loving, and giving people of the highest. Ted's Kamp for Kids, Freedom's Angels, and Hunters for the Hungry, are great missions that help so many people. Plus, Ted Nugent himself is an example of a clean living, and God loving American that is somebody that looks after his own family, and his friends. If there is anyone in the Rock and Roll Music business that would be and is a good Role model, Ted is the one.

  Because of my declining health the ride is over for me. Nothing further can be done for me. I enter the final chapter where essentially my healthcare is pain manegement. Well an attempt to manage it. My hearing is so bad doing live radio is not possible, plus when my voice changed, it has become hard to understand my voice. My radio career is over before it ever started. I have  developed a lump on my back and it looks like it will end all chances I had for military service. My future is unknown. I fear I will not be able to be a productive member of my great country. So I will just take it day to day. I have been seeing that "Bright flashing light" I used to get before I had a seizure but so far I have not had one yet, though when I do, I have no memory of it. I did wake up on the floor twice but I do not know if I rolled out of bed or had a seizure and fell out of my bed. I spend my days with my Great grandma Lita. She is almost 100 years old and is having problems. So I try to stay by her side every day I can. Sometimes we joke that we are having a race to the grave. I hope it ends the day after doomsday. The Mayan end of the world is a few years away, so who knows.