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United States of America, will we survive?  by Raymond 1/2/2003

   The last few years have been hard for America. America's freedoms have been under assault from outside and from within. In less than 200 years America became the leader of the world, and the best nation in the history of mankind. No other Nation would drop bombs and yet help the enemy's civilian population by dropping food packs. Some say we waste money on space travel. I think not exploring would be a waste. In February 2001 America lost an Icon, Dale Earnhardt. Dale was hard on the track but gentle in life. He gave a lot to those in need and brought a lot of joy to many. Later in 2001 on 9-11 we were hit with the terrorist attacks. They were horrible and directed at civilians. Those attacks united America, but the war on terror has polarized America. Some in America blame America herself. I do not think that one bit, nor do I say America deserved it. We are still at war with them and will be for years to come. Now with the loss of Columbia we face another hardship. If I get the chance to go to space in the future I would go. If I was told I might die going, I still would go. But take a look around you when you are out and about. You still can go anywhere and do almost anything. The stores are still stocked full of food, clothes, and entertainment items. America is still pumping out new cars. We are still pushing foreword. America will survive, and not because we are big and bad, but because we are free.
God Bless our heroes that have moved on, God bless the common folks that are the backbone of the nation. God bless our defenders, and God Bless America. We will survive.
Why Sports Are Important during times of war   by Raymond 2/13/2003

  During W.W.II our soldiers had little comforts. What they had they cherished when they had the chance. A letter or picture from home went a long way.   Today we have instant communications. Where some of the troops are stationed they have TV, Radio, Email. Sports are on armed forces radio.  When we are at War it gives our soldiers comfort that life at home stays the same, sports continue, Christmas shopping, summer vacations. The soldiers get some joy from taking time out to watch a football game, a NASCAR race. But more importantly when they see everything at home is in good order that means our military is doing their job keeping the homeland safe. 9/11 brought America to a stand still, even most sports stopped, It was a reminder how Important our military, and The CIA and other security and rescue forces are. They always need to be well equipped doing this prevents war.  Peace through Strength works.

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Partisan Politics by Raymond 1/2/2008

   From my point of view, partisan politics is not about Republican vs. Democrat, its more about issues a party stands for.   Good vs. Evil, with the subjects of abortion, religion, God, personal freedom, personal  choice of how we spend our own money, allowing families to choose how children are educated, personal and national security, The right to keep and bear arms, right now, from my point of view the Liberals in power, could they be considered on the side of evil because they advocate laws that allow one to stop the developpment of human life into a person , they allow the off button to be pressed. Doing that, everything that life would become, love, laugh, they instantly loose that chance to have that life as a person.
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Anti American feelings by Raymond 1/24/2003

   No  modern day American president, Liberal or Conservative was against human rights. Those that make such a statement are simply biased and ignore the true facts. Also the United States has never attempted to take over the world, America could have easily done that with its armed forces and industrial might in 1945. If George Bush was against human rights he would close the borders and cut funding to other nations. Without American funds many nations would collapse, the United States is the largest giver of charity in the history of the world. The anti-American feelings from other nations can be summed up easily. the answer is simple, these nations want our stuff and prosperity, they hate the fact that a free nation has had so much success. Its easy for the Hollywood elite to be anti-American in a nation that allows such speech, but none of the Hollywood elite seems to reject that big paycheck and big rich American lifestyle. The fact that America is going through the UN again and has built a 40 nation partnership to go into Iraq shows there is no rush to war. If there was a rush to war air strikes would have started over a year ago.
Where is my Paycheck!   by Raymond 12-10-03

   Papa mouse sent his son into the world to work.  The young mouse got a job on the docks. His job was pretty tough. He had to help tie up the ships then unload them in the rain and wind. It was also dangerous work, many mice slipped and fell in the water and  drowned. After he put in 80 hours of hard work the boss gave him his  pay. The mouse opened it and yelled, where's my pay check! The boss said George Bush and Congress has it, its for the dead beat  mice too lazy to work and artists and new golf courses for congress. Oh  and some of it goes to feed our enemies and the invading force that  sneaks across the borders every day, oh and once you cash what's left  those same dead beat mice will be there to ask you for more.

The Crocodile Hunter. by Raymond 1-02-04

  I saw that video and knowing Steve is a pro I saw his baby not in any more danger than most kids. More kids die in drowning or car crashes. It can be dangerous letting your child play in a public sand box. Unseen dangers lurk. But the Croc hunter, who himself first jumped on a Croc at age 10 was in control and knows the temperament of his animals more than anyone. Nobody can say they know the temperament of the driver of the car next to you or strangers in a park, or a store. Nobody can say for sure who washed their hands before they prepared your child's food in a public restaurant. How about just camping or playing near a river or a lake, that is more dangerous. If you cant raise your children to do dangerous jobs than when today's generation grows up where will the animal trainers, firemen, soldiers, police men, Race car drivers, and miners come from.
Is American morality on life support yet.  by Raymond  2-05-04

   Is morality dead in American courts?
The 10 commandments have been removed, They want Under God removed from our pledge.  Christian traditions are under attack. Our flag is under assault. Babies are murdered at will, animal rights are displacing jobs, construction projects, and private property rights. Now traditional marriage is under assault. When will it end, will America survive? There are so many immoral acts going on. Some are even called entertainment. Why is the left joining are enemies in the pursuit of the destruction of American values? If We the people fail to act America will begin to stumble. 

The answer is in our faith, we must be able to show our faith, not hide it. Do you make the sign of the cross in a public restaurant before you eat, or say a prayer. I have no answers. I am only 10 I cant fix America or side swipe the evil in America, I depend on our leaders. But they are failing, they are making it harder for the soldier and citizens to preserve our freedom, our freedoms were granted by God, America stands as a protector. But who stands as America's protector? That is the job of the courts, why are they ignoring their job. Our soldiers are not, they go in harms way because it is their duty.

Is the cold war over?   by Raymond 3-28-2004

   Russia is still developing weapons to counter America's weapons. Russia claims to have a  missile that can evade our missile defense system. Why would Russia still be developing a first strike weapon? What does China and France have on the drawing boards since they have begun joint operations? Europe is also trying to Unite and become a superpower to "counter" America. The future is still uncertain, and with America in a political and moral civil war, America can end up in the middle of another cold war totally unprepared on more than one front. The best way to avoid this is for America to find its morals again. Stand strong against evil, Embrace our religious history, stop abortion. Stride for honor again. America dominated the world because America stood for honor, freedom, and justice. How can America continue to stand tall with abortion being supported, Christianity being snuffed out? We deploy our forces because we have to protect our energy interests. We need to be able to produce our own energy so we don't have to be in a position where we may have to rush to war to stop abusive governments or cut deals with nations that back terror. 9/11 was a wake up call, but I think America has again  hit the snooze button.

The Patriot   by Raymond 6-28-2004

  During war, a patriot should stand strong behind the fighting soldier on the battlefield, a true patriot should support the Commander and Chief of our forces , which right now is President George W. Bush. To find the fastest solution with the least amount of loss of life. A true patriot should do things that will help America meet its goals and keep the goals honorable and moral.  boosting morale for our soldiers is another job our citizens should do, this should include the media for there is no free press without a free, safe and secure America. The time to protest ended when our first soldier set foot in hostile territory and the battles began. A patriot should pray for the quickest end to the conflict that will achieve America's mission goal and secure the peace. A true patriot will support our troops on the line, not just in spirit and prayer, but with your money that you can afford, sacrifice buying that one item you want but really do not need, or with items our soldiers want, magazines, letters beef jerky, things that would boost morale when the time for protest is long over. America from outside looks divided from our enemies view, and it is. America is fighting a political civil war at the expense of our soldiers. Both sides, liberals and conservatives are failing our fighting soldiers in harms way. It is time to make a real sacrifice for our soldiers. For some that will be money, for others that would be their own personal opinion. Sacrifice for them, after all what is a night on the town or your opinion worth compared to the life of the soldier when they are spilling their blood for the freedom of people, both Americans and others. Save your opinion or protest for election day. Once we have boots on the ground under fire attention to find ways to support them to secure peace through honorable ways. America is one nation under God, it is time we stand together and give the term ONE meaning. We are the United States of America, let us live up to the word United. This Fourth of July is for our soldiers, let us remember those who paid for our independence and those who maintain it. Also pray our soldiers will not be needed to go in an fight revolutionary wars. Since the cost of war is high in money and priceless in lives, let war be an action of last resort only. During war, remember that, our grunts did not ask to go into combat, weather the war is just or not, do not hate or blame the soldier that is fighting a war ordered by the politicians. The best way is to use the ballot box and the mail box. Write your federal representative. Protesting in front of the media while our soldiers are under enemy fire can aid the enemy and inspire them to capture, torture, and murder noncombatant personal. This Fourth of July is for our soldiers, let us remember those who paid for our independence and those who maintain it.

These are my own personal opinions. If you don't like them, then please,  go take a nice brisk hike,  don't forget to take plenty of water and a nice snack and go have an enjoyable peaceful day by planting a Redwood tree. I have planted several myself. Visit the Avenue of the Giants.

Stem Cells.   by Raymond 10/19/04

   This has turned into a nasty subject, but I do not support any medical procedure that comes out of an intentional killing a human embryo that can develop into a baby. I would rather die than let somebody kill a human embryo to cure my cancer.  It is like taking a baby, killing it and cutting it up for body parts.
Raymond was selected Jersey GOP dude of the week in 2003
   Freedom written by Raymond 7/5/2005

Now that the 2005 fourth of July celebrations fade into the past. Where are we today. America still stands strong but our enemies are growing. Some say we should just use our military for our own defense. But the world is smaller today and our economy is locked into the global economy. Our life saving capabilities in natural disasters are un equaled by any other nation on earth. Our freedom cannot only be defended by our warriors, but our freedom can be secured by the ordinary American citizen. It is easy, get involved, look at your core moral belief and fight for it. Write your politicians. Defend our right to hunt, camp, use public lands. Recently the ability to take your private property and sell it off to businesses or corporations might just be easier for the government and harder for the citizen to fight. Hundreds of years ago the British began liberal changes in laws on the colonies. The colonists resisted change and took up arms and won independence. Later in 1812 America again fought off the British again. America did not see another enemy occupation of U.S. Soil until the Japanese landed in the Aleutians. Let us all do our part. If you can vote, educate yourself on the issues and vote. If you can't vote yet, you still have a voice. The internet is one way where you can use your voice. In the 1700s America won her independence.  Today It is our ongoing job to keep it free and it is up to us, the American citizens to do our best to preserve America's good moral ways and rid her of any new or existing immoral ways.
Fear nothing, for Your Soul is never lost, it is in the hands of God, Death will never touch it.- Written by Raymond Bautista, cancer survivor  8/28/2005
Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. John 14:6
Why America deploys forces around the globe   by Raymond 10/10/2005

For without America being the big brother to the small nations of the world.
Freedom from evil dictators and the nations they hold hostage would continue to gain power on earth. Through our strength, freedom on earth continues to grow.
Reality Check by Raymond 11/5/2005

   America will stand by and watch China take over the world, we feed the Chinese war machine willingly and proudly, soon the MIG 1.42, A Russian design to counter the F-22. China will soon have the money to deploy, and improve these fighters in large numbers. What does America do? We fight and kill each other off at home while spreading our military so thin to the point that we have to cannibalize equipment to attempt to complete whatever mission is handed down to it.  China will have to do nothing but wait and watch. They make loud advances in space flight, America responds with hopes and dreams of going back to the moon , then on to mars. Ha, NASA can barely keep the costly shuttle flying safely, the only one making progress is Burt Ruttan and his company Scaled Composits. The only private company to obtain space flight at a cost that should make the hawks at NASA pick up the phone and schedule Burt to come to teach NASA a few things. The Shuttle costs more to fly than the old Saturn V did. Let's all hope that Lockheed and her wiz kids and the U.S. Air Force has a few black projects operational that make the SR-71 Blackbird look like the wright Brothers and the Bell X-1 look like a paper airplane. We beat Russia without firing a shot, a strategy right out of the page of Sun Tzu's book, The Art of War. Just remember what area of the world Sun Tzu came from. America needs to wake up, come out of the dark and bring some of her fancy toys with her so we can once again say china makes great firecrackers and toys rather than MIGS and Space Rockets.

Lee Rodgers and me, Raymond on the SS Monte Carso Cruise Ship during a PR Cruise for the KSFO fans during 2002 fleetweek.
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  Where are we now?   by Raymond 4/20/2006

Our government has become so powerful that it is at a point where a few now lead the many rather than the many leading the few. When propositions are passed the minority sues and get them overturned. The second amendment exists on paper only in most places. Here in California it pretty much does not exist. The difference between Republican and Democrat is shrinking every year leaving most voters to choose the lesser of two evils rather than being able to truly stand behind a candidate that stands to really defend and preserve the constitution and freedoms the founding fathers and many others fought for and secured for Americans.
Citizen   by Raymond  3/9/2007

   I feel as an American citizen who benefits if freedom at the expense of the blood of Americans I do not know, Up until the point of deployment, you can protest the deployment, or war all you want However, once our soldiers are in harms way and the shooting starts, it is my DUTY, as an American, to actively support our soldiers right on up the chain of command. Also not just wave a flag and put stickers on my car. I will make a sacrifice, and send snacks, magazines, and donate to any organization that supplies things to the troops, or their families. I will do this until they are safe and the peace is won. If I could, I would be with them in the field, even if its a simple job of filling water canteens. They die for my way of life,  at the very least I owe them this.

A little spot on Earth by Raymond 3/9/2007

   Our soldiers are gentle giants, I don't look at them and just see a tough mean killing machine. No that  is not what I see, I see a person giving a piece, or sometimes all the life they have, because they feel  they can make a difference. Our warriors today, join by choice. They are out there, one man cant win a war, but just maybe, that one soldier can bring a little peace to a place that has never seen it. Maybe he is there to give that wide eyed child his first taste of chocolate. Maybe he is there to give a tired thirsty  homeless man a clean drink of water. Maybe he has to take out a target. One thing for sure, our soldiers can bring a lot of hurt to the enemy. But just maybe he will bring peace to one lost person. This war is not popular here at home, because the people that they are trying to win peace for is people that never tasted  real freedom. It is that selfless warrior, who might just hate being there, and does not agree why he was sent there, but will go back again and again, willingly, just so maybe he can bring peace to a small two foot by two foot peace of earth.
Planned Parenthood? Written By Raymond 6/13/2007
      Abortion, plain and simple is a total disrespect for human life, people who run rampant with immoral behavior to satisfy their own pleasures, and avoid responsibility by killing off human life at will, such procedures are partially funded by local, state, and federal taxes. Some just have no regard and have children out of wedlock, such children are brought up without a secure family structure creates single parent households that draw upon tax payer dollars. Planned Parenthood is not even a proper name for these clinics. Sure some people have hardships and have to draw public assistance, but those who have a total lack of self control creates situations where the parent works and the children are left at home unsupervised. These children get into trouble more often than households that have a secure family structure and a good sense of discipline. If you can't respect the life of a child, weather developing inside the womb, or outside makes no difference. Then how can you truly respect others. Remember, there are some exceptions to this, not all single parents are in that situation by choice.

Independence or Invasion?   by Raymond 6/17/2007

   Remember during this Independence day week, we are a country that is being invaded. Our politicians play kick the can and do not enforce our borders. This is an outright violation and a failure to defend our Constitution if any type of laws are passed to allow these criminals power to vote or get a fast track through amnesty to become a citizen. Over the history of our country millions have paid with blood, weather it is doing their duty as public servants, such as firemen or policemen, to being a combat soldier defending our way of life. Hammer on the idiots that are weak on protecting our borders, millions have INVADED America, and they fail to protect us. It is not a harmless invasion, thousands of illegal's have killed and sell drugs in our country. They drive cars illegally, sure some obey and contribute, but why don't they get proper documentation. No matter how good they are, they are still breaking the law. They are, at the very least, trespassing, which is still a crime. Becoming an American Citizen is earned, it is not a free prize just because you pass a line.
My March Home by Raymond

Well my friends, first I'd like to say yes I am on twitter despite saying I never would. Ted Nugent asked me if I was on twitter, I did have an account but never used it, then my very good friend Monica Crowley talked me into it. Well I also want to apologize for stepping back from public life, you wont find me at the mall anymore passing out Swag from KSFO, signing autographs or collecting gifts and cards for the troops. My radio and public days are over. I do have a blood drive coming soon once I get the details. , I will get that posted soon. After Lee Rodgers, my boss, mentor, and friend lost his battle with cardiac illness I think that's it for me. My own health issues also are getting worse. So I am out of the public, I also closed my facebook fan page, actually closed it in 2009 after the Lee Rodgers morning show came to an end. I think my days as a pundit are over. I guess my best was back when I was 10, and was named GOP Dude of the week. (Archived here and was on WABC AM77, and of course manning the KSFO booth at the mall. However I have been inspired by two young women. They are Conservative like me and live a positive moral life. You can find them on twitter. @Gabby_Hoffman & @AM_Hoffman America needs more young women like these. I have none here. So please look them up and follow them. This is not a good bye, you can find me on my personal page on facebook. Also I admit, I have become a "Twit" @USSGOBLIN. I have been suffering constant silent seizures. Basically I freeze up or pass out. Sometimes its from lights and sound, and well that makes the computer sometimes the trigger. Also my hearing is trashed. Chemotherapy has wrecked me, yet it also kept me alive. If what the doctors said was true then I will be dead in 2 days, for I was told I would not reach age 20. Well I will reach age 20 on March 22, 2013. So thanks to all of you who have kept in touch with me via email. I guess if twitter was around when I started that one early morning at Grumpy's with Lee Rodgers i'd have thousands of tweeps and facebook peeps. I feel we have more youngsters stepping up and joining the Right, for the right reasons. I will keep my website up as long as I can afford to do so. It's now all funded out of pocket, it no longer is self supporting. will also stay up at least for 2 more years. Since you don't hear it mentioned on the radio anymore it has faded from popularity. So to quote my great friend Lee Rodgers who now soars far higher than eagles, and the air force soar, Take Care Of Your Bad Self. -
Raymond "USSGobLin" Bautista
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Our enemy's greatest allies.  by Raymond 9/10/2007

  Anti American Liberals are the strongest weapon Al Qaeda has, and time.  Enemy forces can string the war out until politicians favorable to their war plan against the United States take key positions of power in America. George Bush's biggest mistake was failing to ask congress for a formal declaration of war.  OK yes you can argue that no specific country stood as a clear entity to defeat, bringing the end of Bin Laden and his army of murderers. However, a declaration of war could have been made on all Islamic terrorist groups that had any alliance, or proclaimed loyalty to Al Qaeda. I believe if a formal declaration of was in place, it would have set a clear goal and urge our politicians from stopping our military from anything less than a clear victory. I wish and pray this war would end. If our politicians continue to play games with our soldier's lives it will discourage new recruits and re enlistments. It will also encourage any group that hates America to strike with anything they have. When our soldiers withdrawal from Iraq, it should be in a way that is a victory, and clear that  there is no reason to return to Iraq in a dozen years from now. The war in Iraq, is a component of the war on Terror. It is better to fight this war on foreign soil, rather than having the attacks return to our soil.

I was chosen them GOP Dude of the week at age 10 Click Here.
New 'Toys'? by Raymond 2/10/2003

  Our Boomers (SSBN) have been on silent patrol never firing their weapons in anger, this will soon change, a new load of missiles are now in play, extended range, cruise,  accurate, and what they hit, they destroy. But the bang is smaller, and non-nuclear. Some Boomers will have some of their nuclear missile load outs removed and these new tube launched Non nuclear variant missiles will be ready for action. No where to run, no where to hide. So, the Navy is teaching an old dog to do new tricks.  However, big teeth can be placed in these missiles, Nuclear teeth? Well, I will let the enemy worry if they will have something to worry about, but the reborn Ohio class, can now bring a lot of non nuclear hurt to the party.   Such a scenario for the old dog  would be if a Chem/Bio/Nuke missile from a third world nation in the Pacific was being fueled and readied for launch.  Any system that can allow a quick accurate strike from long distance will save lives by dealing with the threat. However, this dog can get in close to have a knife fight. There are systems being tested that will allow America to strike any target without putting any of it's personnel at risk. As these new systems come on line more and more, it brings greater responsibility to our Political leaders, for it would make it easy to pull the trigger when American lives are not at risk.  However surgical strikes are better than an all out war. Still if we could develop a bullet that can hit any target in the world it will mean nothing if the right intelligence is not presented to our leaders accurately. Tripple threat from Trident class (Ohio class boats) Conventional High Explosive, Tacticle Nukes, and City Busting Strategic SLBM with MIRV packages. Also, another capability, ABMs Not the old Nuclear tipped ABMs but more along the capability of the SM-3.  SLABMs (Sub Launched Anti Ballistic Missle) there are a lot of new tricks on the drawing board for this old dog, and this dog may just out live humans and be around for decades to come. I think the Enterprise is a great ship that could be totally rebuilt. Converted into a Nuclear Battleship with 10 inch rail guns for long distance shore bombardment from a long distance. This would provide support for Marine anphibious landings. Guided shells are cheaper than guided missiles.
Boiling in Oil, Why Oil prices continue to rise. by Raymond 1/4/2008

   It's simple, the demand for oil is on the rise, Speculaters playing the market, add to that, China has become a superpower, India is now operating aircraft carriers that launch both the MIG 29 and the Harrier Jump jet. Add to that, OPEC slowing production just so prices can be raised, if liberals would open up all potential oil fields in and around the United States, OPEC would have to pump more at a lower price to compete, or face losing sales to American oil fields. It is basic supply and demand. Liberals just don't get that, they despise it yet many own stock in the oil related markets.
Political Twister Written by Raymond 1/17/2008

   Do you know what your getting out of your candidate. It's time to take a quick look at Barack Obama. The others we will look at later, Obama is on top, so he is first in line. Why are people supporting him. Are they locked in, mind made up. So they are voting for Barack Obama no matter what, it seems. Right now this ride is Obama's ride. So sit back and hang on, think about it, Is anyone really committed to support Obama, have they really looked at his Senatorial voting record in depth, has anyone supporting Barack checked it at all. It seems some are that committed. Even if he grew horns and reddish black leathery wings.

   Do they know what he stands for, have they examined Barack's senatorial votes he has made, or not shown up for. Obama has a silver tongue, he has relied on it. Hoping nobody checks him on what he says. Could you sit and listen to a "man of the cloth" bash America, over and over. Could you sit and listen to racial and class hate speech, then, let that same hater preside over your wedding ceremony. Would you allow your children to hear such hate speech, would you call that man your friend. Barack did, he sat year after year, giving Reverend Wright his attention, so much so that Barack gave tens of thousands of dollars to Wright. A quick look, Reverend Wright now is living in an expensive home, in an expensive neighborhood, all on the money that he received from the church. Since Obama gave that church so much money, Barack is partially supporting Reverend Wright. Even Barack himself, using his own words, express some hate to America and white people, so it seems. A suggestion review his books.

   You can take many of Barack's words, just take out the word white, and replace it with the word Black in Obama's own words. If President George Bush, Hillary Clinton, or John McCain were to say such things, but using the word Black in place of white. They would be figuratively keel-hulled, tarred and feathered. Barack Obama has been getting a soft ride from the media, look at the reaction to the questions at the debate a few days ago. Those questions were mild, but because they were directed at Obama, many think there was some agenda to corner Obama. If those same questions were tossed at McCain, or Hillary, I bet those same people complaining Obama was "picked on" would say the questions are not tough enough, that is if they were put to the other candidates.

   Now, Obama's wife, from her own words, apparently was not proud of her country, not until recently. If Laura Bush, Cindy McCain, or even Fmr President Bill Clinton indicated they were not proud of their country, I think the media would bear down on them like a battleship getting ready to lay down support fire for a combat beach landing. Let's take a look at some of his Barack Obama's words, and some of his, as some say, lies. He claims he came to be an American because of an airlift paid for by John F. Kennedy brought his father to America. Let us look at Barack Obama's own words. Obama: "So the Kennedy's decided, 'We're going to do an air lift. We're going to go to Africa and start bringing young Africans over to this country and give them scholarships to study so they can learn what a wonderful country America is,'" Obama continued. "This young man named Barack Obama got one of those tickets and came over to this country. He met this woman whose great great-great-great-grandfather had owned slaves; but she had a good idea there was some craziness going on because they looked at each other and they decided that we know that the world as it has been it might not be possible for us to get together and have a child." OK, so what do we have, Barack's father made it to America because of John F Kennedy, right, well no, Barack's statement is wrong, more than that, it probably is an intentional lie. Barack Obama's father arrived in America in 1959. So, how can Mr Obama have been flown to America on a flight paid for by Kennedy, when the flight Kennedy paid for was in 1960, A year after Barack Obama 's father arrived in America. What are possibly Barack's intentions here, I think it is simple, it is an act of deception, it is an attempt by Obama to fool the masses into thinking there is a link of Barack's triumphs all the way back to John F Kennedy, it is a way for Obama to establish a link to greatness, an attempt similar to something Dan Quayle tried, I saw this on a history channel show about political debates in running for office.

   OK take a look at his actions, Obama is just playing the same old political game. Yet he talks of change. So, what kind of change, this is what kind, Let's use his own words so you better buckle up, keep your hands inside the car at all times, welcome on board the political twister in Obama's own words here we go: Barack Obama wants change, what kind of change does Senator Obama want, let's look at this. From Audacity of Hope: "I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction" So could this be he will side with Non Americans as this war on terror continues to unfold. Can you afford to gamble on this man.

   Let's see what is next, let us look at this action, Source is Barack's tax returns. Yes look there. $26,270 went to the church Jeremiah Wright was pastor of. That is right, Barack is supporting hate speech with tens of thousands of dollars. This Church condones Jeremiah Wright's word. Obama's church since the 80s, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Rewarded Jeremiah Wright, a multimillion dollar home as part of his retirement. Now I am a catholic, and to the best of my knowledge, when the priest at my local parish did not get a home worth 1.6 million dollars. Jeremiah probably would not have retired if it was not for the controversy of his relationship with Barack Obama. Could this home be part of a "hush fund" to motivate Jeremiah Wright to be quiet. Now it would not be a stretch to say Barack Obama is not buying Jeremiah Wrights silence by buying this home, it is very easy for Barack Obama to pay for a portion, or all of the cost of this home by simply keeping to supply this church with tens of thousands every year via the cash offering collection basket. Jeremiah Wright was top dog at this church from 1972 to 2008. Barack Obama also had the reverend Jeremiah Wright baptize his children. Would you allow a reverend who believes the United States of America created the AIDS pandemic to wipe out the Black population. I would not, I would have walked out and never go back to such a church that supported such drivel. It is nothing more than pure hate speech. Hate speech can lead to violence, even bring some to riot. $26,270 is just one year in the many years Barack Obama has been a member of this church. Jeremiah must have said a lot of things that Barack Obama believed in. $26,270 is a lot of money to hand over. Jeremiah Wright preached against materialism, now Rev Wright has a 1.6 million dollar home. If that is not a sign of Hypocrisy. Well draw your own conclusion. I will not even go into what Rev Wright's opinion of America is, I think that has been made clear. Under Rev Wright, putting America first is not on the agenda of things members of this church is to do, or believe.

   Will Barack Obama really keep America first. Will he have every American's best interests at heart, can you trust him. Will he side OK now let us take a look at this, it is from Barack Obama. From Dreams of My Father: "I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about what he meant by that. However, it really should not be taken as a stand alone comment by Obama. What are my conclusions, well I think it is simple, if one is going to support, and vote for a particular person, I think you should look into the whole picture, and not base it on things like, "hey that dud is cool", or "he's got Charisma." The stupidest, lamest reason to vote for a person is to base your vote on wether the candidate has the same skin color you have, or have not, whichever the case may be. Educate yourself, usually if a candidate looks to good to be true, than they probably are. Look up their voting record, it is a matter of public record. Here are a couple of sites that post voting history. and ask yourself, what vote would you have made.  When you make a choice, make an educated one. How many years has Barack Obama served as a Governor, or served in the Federal government before he decided to run for President. Do you think it was enough to qualify him to be president. His call to cut funding, and slow the progression of new combat systems is very dangerous and puts millions of American lives and even America's existence as a sovereign nation at stake. His refusal to "weaponize" space when other countries have can have grave implications.
Oil Futures   by Raymond 1/19/2008

   Low gasoline reserves and pressure on refiners to increase production of reformulated gasoline have helped to drive prices up..
Environmental regulations of the type of reformulated gasoline vary from state to state.
Building new refineries to refine so many different formulas is very expensive and environmental rules make even building a new refinery next to impossible.

   Competition with China is another factor that is driving oil prices up. Saudi Arabia either can't meet the demand, or is not willing to, possibly because their supply of light crude is running low, or it is an attempt to keep prices high.

   George Bush and the democrats refusal to come up with an energy plan that includes domestic oil exploration is another major factor. Why do I single out democrats, well they control the house and senate, that is why.

   Trouble from South American and Russian oil producers will add to the continuing price spikes. If the price of diesel fuel continues to rise, this will push inflation. Look for crude oil prices to exceed 130 dollars per barrel sometime this year. If demand for gasoline remains high as we enter summer, the price will continue to rise. If the government does cut the tax on fuel, don't expect the oil companies to lower the price, but expect them to raise the price in a manner that only reflects a fraction of the price of gasoline. Our economy still runs on oil, until domestic energy supply increases, prices will continue to climb across the board.
So, The adventure continues.   by Raymond 1/26/2008

Capitalism works well when Government stays out of the way, but the federal government of America is filled with too many ungoverned politicians that just want to keep growing the government, this country needs to get back to basics and dump the pork barrel socialism it keeps trying to shove right passed by the Constitution. Communism was a failure, that is why China is letting Capitalism, and Wal-Mart in. Wal-mart has over 30 stores now in China. So, as far as capitalism goes, with China slowly moving to the right and America moving to the left, soon you will see two identical superpowers that are separated by a big ocean, so they will either move out into space and start with mining the moon for Helium 3 with contracts sold to the corporate bidders, or it will end into a large clash with some big Naval battles. Ah, but don't count out Russia and India getting into the picture too, India had added Blue water Aircraft carriers to their fleet equipped with MiG 29s and AV8 Harriers. The United Kingdom is adding super carriers to its fleet, and France and the rest of Europe will be demanding their share to. The SM-3 deployed on Japan and America's aegis cruisers will be the only thing keeping us safe, hang on its going to get bumpy, suddenly the 2012 end of the world as we know it does not seem so far out in conspiracy-ville.
Who speaks for the newly concieved. by Raymond 6-15-2008

  Millions of lives snuffed out. Innocent life. Life begins at conception, unique DNA forms, a child takes shape. This life should be allowed to have the chance to become an infant, then on through childhood, then become an adult. But sadly too many have their chance to become a child ripped from them. All too many times it is out of selfishness, sometimes a career is more important than a child. On demand abortion, that is what the liberals want, even further, they want to pay for it with taxes. Abortion is wrong, and is a crime against humanity. Barack Obama supports this, and calls it a "right"

   The Democrats say they are the party of choice, yet weeks ago a democrat, who was a delegate, stated their intention in November that their personal vote in the general election would be for   McCain, because of this, they were stripped of their delegate vote. So much for being the so called party of choice.  The DNC. Interesting that the medical procedure for abortion is also called DNC.  Yea, I hear some of you mumbling on, why don't I bash the Republicans, well i have, they have shifted to the left, and on top of that,  President Bush has ran up the largest debt in history. So, will the next president just go on with the Status Quo, we will see, we will look come, will the budget hole continue to grow, I think there is only two choices, and that is the choice of how fast it will grow, and how fast will our economy shrink.  Taxing a poor economy will make it worse, this is what Barack Obama will do, he will send billions down to the UN, the bottomless pit when it comes to money.

   Let the cry babies start crying, wa your being so negative wa. That is how you bring about change, with  words. Look at Barack Obama, they are bringing on nothing but the hate when it comes to George Bush. Understand this, Bush is a failure, and a lot of the blame falls on him, he failed, they say, Well I say he he is not alone, Nancy Pelosi, she promised change, the democrats controlled the house and senate, they have not changed anything. Pelosi promised relief on high gas prices when gas passed 2 dollars a gallon, where is the democrat's energy plan. George Bush's approval rating is at an all time low, and congress, their approval rating is even lower. This is way Barack Obama will win, people are willing to gamble on a rookie, a man who barely has any time as a U.S. Senator. What does that tell you, think, it tells you that America is saying, hey, career politicians have had their shot, over and over, and since the 1990s America has been ran by people who have had only one job, being a politician.  Well so why not try a man who has no experience at running anything, how much worse can Barack Obama be?

     Well, since America is at war, Barack Obama wants to go back to the policy of dealing with terrorists the way Bill Clinton did, call the police. Look, bombing the twin towers in 1993 was an act of war, Clinton let the justice department handle it, what did that get us, a handful of other terrorist bombings on U.S. assets, which culminated in the 9/11/01 attacks. This is not the time to hand over America's military over to a rookie, if we were not at war, and the threat abroad to our assets and allies were a minimum,  Maybe I would take a chance on Barack Obama, but no way do i want somebody who has no clue, or experience with a military command, remember, the President's job is to command our military. It is not the time to put a non military rookie in the shoes of POTUS.  So a man who refuses to defend life in it's most fragile state, this person does not have the character to fulfill the demands of POTUS.

   There are two Govenors out their actually changing things and getting it done.  Bobby Jindal, and Sarah Palin, maybe in 2012, if it were up to me, it would be sooner. Alaska is doing quite well, but congress is standing in their way by blocking the tapping of  all of their energy sources.
  So, want government to control oil prices do ya?  by Raymond, 2/19/08

  Middle Eastern Governments have controlled oil prices for some time now. So, having the feds add another layer, it will drive prices higher because of  bureaucracy that would have to be created.

  With Russia starting to pump out more oil, some think prices should go down. Not to happen, the reason is India, China, and even some nations in Africa are building roads, and people are buying cars. China is growing fast, and building an American style highway system.

  Depending on Middle Eastern oil is a risky thing. Many of those governments are oppressive,  holding their boots tight on their citizens neck. That can only last so long. The Middle East is like a powder keg, but that powder keg contains a revolution bomb. The few oppress the many, when that powder keg blows, Middle Eastern and North African nations will see citizen uprising like dominoes. It is coming. I bet before 12/21/2012. Why that date, well the Mayans on the History Channel say the world will end. I also just like throwing that end of days 12/21/2012 date around for the fun of it. But 2012 can end as a self fulfilling prophecy if enough people believe it. I believe Art Bell called the time leading up to it the quickening, but the middle east may start seeing blood flow as much as oil. The biggest unknown factor is if these leaders there are toppled, will their replacements be friend or foe to the United States. Will we get involved in wars where it is Muslims Vs Muslims. Only time will tell.
California Proposition number 8.  by Raymond 9-29-2008

  This is a shame this has to be on the ballot again. Californians already passed a proposition on this subject. Californians already voted NO on gay/same sex/same gender marriages already. The the courts said it was an illegal vote. Well, now California has to once again vote on this Immoral topic of homosexual weddings. If proposition 8 does not pass, churches my eventually be forced into performing something that goes against their faith, in some cases it goes against church doctrine.
  Terrorist Threat to the U.S.A. gets a boost ? by Raymond 4-20-09

  From within, danger to America appears to have been given a boost. President Barack Obama's actions, his ongoing attacks on the Bush administration, now releasing the detailed information on how far America's interrogation methods would go. This alone gives our enemies a blue print on how to resist. Even further, it is now clear that no terrorists captured will be questioned harshly. New York city police officers would be considered evil for their current tactics used to extract vital information that may save a life.

   America now has a big giant Bullseye for all terrorists and criminals that have a grudge. America is in far more growing danger now. Barack Obama's idea of simply "playing nice" in the sand box, he thinks this will stop the bullies from attacking is absurd. What guides Barack Obama, one could make the argument that Barack Obama was raised and possibly programmed to tear America apart from the inside (Total Speculation I inserted here for the Conspiracy Theorists). It is a plot that is in the fantasy zone. The question is, when will people wake up and see the danger Obama's policy is putting America in, Appeasement, that is his angle. Neville Chamberlain, his attempt to appease Hitler's Germany, well history speaks for itself on that issue. Will Americans wake up in time, or will the public just keep sipping on their double mocha latte with 3 shots of espresso watching the clouds pass by.

   With other nations slowly marching their scientists towards the development of an atomic bomb, and generation 4, and even generation 5 fighters. China, and Russia are close to getting a generation 5 fighter into production. Right now the F-22 and variants of the F-35 are the only known Generation 5 fighters flying, so pulling the plug on the F-22 will allow potential advisers of the United States to catch up, echoes of the B-1 being pulled back in the 70s by another failure of a President, Jimmy Carter.

    If other nations manage to obtain Nuclear capability, or if they put themselves into a position where they can topple a government of a country that already has the capability to turn sand into glass. Perhaps, Pakistan. It is a good candidate to gain access to atomic weapons. Other nations on the verge, or already have nuclear capability is N. Korea, or Iran. They do not have to bring their warhead to the United States, but they could strike an American territory such as Guam, Puerto Rico, or hit an American military base, they would just have to get within a few miles. Or they could attempt to strike a country, perhaps India, Israel, or even China, China may blame America for not eliminating the terrorist threat sooner. All it takes is one nuke, and men on the other side still have their finger on the button. Sure the cold war is over, but the Ohio class with their Trident missiles and the minute man III in their hardened silos stand watch, their job is simple, be ready to fire, so the other side will not attack knowing a counter attack will destroy all attacking forces, and of course their counter parts under other flags still are ready to fire at America. The danger is that Barack Obama might make a dangerous move and quite possibly retire the Ohio SSBNs, and might shelf all our nuclear Tomahawks.  The Peacekeeper missiles, which were the newest the U.S. Air Force had. Those have been taken out of service. However their deadly warhead package have been cycled through the MMIIIs. Another dangerous move Barack Obama might make, would be to pull the plug on the THAAD defense system. Fortunately  the Navy has the SM-3, all our destroyers, and cruisers should be equipped with the SM-3. I would even add the SM-3 into any US Coastguard frigates and destroyers that are capable of carrying them.

   Imagine if, back in WWII the defense department released documents that showed that our military only had 2 deliverable atomic weapons, and they used them on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Therefore, Japan may have continued to fight to the last man. The fact is, the bombing runs on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki were not the final attacks on Japan. It took another massive raid, using conventional bombs, which was the longest bombing run on Japan. If memory serves, the last raid was to destroy Japan's final known refineries and fuel stores. After that bombing run, Japan surrendered, but would it have ended there, would the Soviet Union, have mounted an Invasion of Japan, would America have invaded to, if so, how great would the loss of life have been in an all out invasion of Japan.  Japan still had enough aircraft, some of which were designed for suicide attacks. At least half of a million Japanese would have been killed, America probably would have lost many times more their losses at Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. The death toll would have been far more than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. 

   Since Barack Obama has significantly lowered America's ability to gather information on impending threats to us, and our allies, Barack's actions clearly show he is unable to perform his job as commander and chief. Even Leon Panetta was against releasing these documents. I can only pray our soldiers are able to step up and find other means to protect our country. If any military is good enough to fight with their hands tied, it is the American military. Our soldiers often step into the fire, sometimes knowing they are not coming home alive, yet, they still go, and they do their job. They are true heroes, yet not one would step forward and say they are a hero, but they often give this type of answer, it is from the Band of Brothers, 101st Airborne. QUESTION TO THE SOLDIER: Are You A Hero? ANSWER FROM THE SOLDIER: No, But I served In A Company Of Heroes. That is the American soldier. God Bless them all.

Embryonic Stem cell Research Written by Raymond 7/29/2005

  Here is my position, once again on sacrificing Human embryos to 'save' lives.  In the future when I am in my death bed and a doctor came to me and said "we have a new procedure, we harvest an embryo (Rip a baby from suspended animation from storage, or from inside a woman)
disassemble genetic material (Future arms, legs, brain, heart, etc) from it, Then we remove your stem cells from your marrow, splice it to repair your bad DNA, reintroduce it into you and let it repair your immune system so your new beefed up immune system will seek and destroy your cancer wah-lah you are now cured" I would reply "you are taking a baby not yet born, take its life chop it up to save me" Well with Passion I would borrow and modify something a guy named Johnny Paycheck said and say, "Take your cure and shove it, I'm a walking out the door with God", Yep that would be my answer, I'd rather die, than have them kill a unborn baby to save me.
What was the delay?   by Raymond 4-13-2009

  First of all, Great Job hooyah!, Navy SEALS whacked the bad guys, and save the Captain. Job well done. However, why did it take so long to take them down, and why didn't the Navy open fire when the Captain jumped in the water. Again, great job, but I think the chain of command from the Commander in Chief, down to the finger on the trigger may be too long. I think there might just be to many links in the Chain of Command on these situations. Something needs to be changed.
  Clean Coal Technology, A Major Breakthrough?  by Raymond 4-21-2009

During the campaign season last year, (I am drawing this from my memory, so I am not quoting the commercials exactly word from word.) The liberal environuts were blasting any form of Clean Coal Technology when George Bush spoke about it.

   OK, I saw on TV many times a commercial of a guy in a hard hat, and ear protection walking through a factory type building, all through this he is yelling, and praising clean coal technology, then as he approaches a door, he says you want to hear the sound of Clean Coal Technology, then he opens the door, and silence, and behind the door is an empty prairie field. Then the ad says there is no clean way to burn coal.

   Now, these ads have vanished, yet suddenly, a new ad has hit the air waves. It is, Barack Obama praising magical Clean Coal Technology. Strange how under George Bush, and under a possible John McCain administration. The chance for Clean Coal Technology did not exist, it was called an impossible dream by the left. But now, magically Clean Coal Technology is the future now that Barack Obama is president. So, I wonder what major  Technological breakthrough came in generating clean power from Coal, that was made between November 4th 2008, and say January 20th 2009? Did a major breakthrough that allows clean power generation from coal come during Barack Obama's first 100 days in office, if it did, why wasn't it big national news, no, global news, such a breakthrough should have been global news that should have resulted in countless interviews by experts on every news channel on air, or on cable, I wonder, maybe I missed it while I fell asleep for a month.

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Don't Feed The Liberal Progressive Democrats. by Raymond  5/20/2005

The process of nominating and approving federal judges for the supreme court. President George Bush was chosen by the people of The United States to lead and make choices of where to take America. This includes his duties of nominating judges and Ambassadors. Also it is the people of the United States that chose their senators, each senator should be allowed to give his or her approval or denial of the judge President George Bush has chosen. What we have here is the minority democrats throwing a temper tantrum because they lost at the ballot box and did not get their way. They are called the minority for a reason. Majority rules. As far as the checks and balances go, well that is what election day and the process of impeachment is for. 
Oil for Boobs. written by Raymond 6-19-2004

One thing that was horrible was that oil for food program. I think that the UN was nothing more than a crime syndicate, and they got rich while millions suffered and died, either by torture or hunger during Saddam's rule. This was more than a crime  in my opinion, it was more closer to a holocaust. Where are the Hardcore investigating media reports? A movie should have been made about this by now oh but stevie boy probably wont be making it because republicans did not orchestrate this rip off of the world. Now if it was a republican behind it or an American that was secretary general of the UN then it would have been a blockbuster and a mini series. Where is filmmaker Michael Moore and his 'getting to the truth' in depth hard core docudrama on this oil for food crime? Maybe he is out there trying to link it to George Bush and Haliburton.
Time to Shake out the Broken Cogs. by Raymond 4-22-2009

  Republicans need to clean house, these Moderidots (Moderate Idiots) better known as the R.I.N.O. Such as Mit Romney and John McCain, and the others that keep stabbing at Sarah Palin. These nuts do more damage to Conservatism then the Democrats.  We need that In your FACE Enemies be damned, to heck with these let's kill babies, Embryonic Stem cell, pro choice moderates, We need that Red White and Blue, John Wayne style conservative Republicans with an Evel Knievel attitude.

  While Barack Obama is taking America through a hard turn to the left, and it seems that some Republicans are turning left to try to catch up. This is wrong, Sarah Palin is the face of what the Republican party used to be. That scared all of them. Why, because they knew how popular Ronald Reagan was. Moderates, pro choice Republicans, they are pure poison to the Republican party. We need to present a clear contrast to the Democrats, it is not hard, just use common sense. John McCain lost because he was to the left of Ronald Reagan, so many conservatives stayed home, or voted third party, Barack Obama is far left. We need a real leader that will stand tall like Ronald Reagan did, and when Ronald Reagan stood tall, America stood tail with him. All this talk about compromise, no, compromising with the moderates and the liberal Republicans A.K.A. R.I.N.O.  Would be almost as bad as dealing with the devil, selling your soul just to get elected, that is the wrong road to go down, sooner or later you will end up holding the short straw. Then you have Ron Paul, he is a big Incomplete, Ron Paul wants to get rid of America's forward presence, and cut our military, this is stupid, for one, many American lives were lost obtaining, securing, and maintaining the lines we stand on. If we step back, others will step up as American military forces vacate key areas, other potentially hostile forces will fill in the gaps. With today's terrorist threats looming, pulling out of regions we have operated in since WWII would be foolish, and the message Ron Paul would be trying to send by playing nice, well, that would not work, and it would only empower our adversaries. No, America must stand strong, we must not waiver, what we must do, we must flat out annihilate the forces that are trying to strike at any of our assets, or people, wherever our enemies hide, it must be known, we will ride where they hide, and bury them.
Nancy Pelosi, the Great Embarresement? by Raymond 5-6-2009

  Going back and taking Bush's Policy apart, criminalizing Executive orders, which is a legal power each President has, Cherry picking only specific parts of CIA documentation and memos that support a particular point, playing gotcha with Congress. Well, I guess liberals, both Democrat, and Republican, and others screaming "let's get 'em we have the power now" well they are ignorant for not seeing the ramifications of this witch hunt. Many people including myself, have family, and friends in combat, They live in harms way. They are Sons. Daughters, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, and even Grandparents. They are at the broken end of a bottle, day in and day out. They give a part of themselves everyday, some have given all. I do not think one life of any personal of the American military, or agency is worth sacrificing for FMR Dick Cheney to prove enhanced interrogations worked, nor is one life worth it for Pelosi, and others to bounce the ball around in this political game of ping-pong.

  If Pelosi had any integrity or loyally, she would step down from the speaker position, her tantrum is only hurting the Democrats, and Barack Obama, and this notion that the CIA was off renegade bashing in heads and dumping water in the cracks in the skull is just nuts.   The type of water boarding was not actual legal torture for enemy combatants, besides, at that time after 9/11/2001 they had NO RIGHTS!

  One major item that will most likely come out soon is where Osama Bin Laden is hiding. Without giving specifics for obvious reasons where he will eventfully be found is not in an isolated cave. He will be found as a result of information extracted by enhanced interrogation, most likely from a water board session that happened on President Bush's watch. It will take time, I believe they have all the pieces of the puzzle needed to zero in on Bin Laden. The puzzle will be assembled on President Obama's watch, will he act on it quickly when the CIA come to him and tell him "Sir we have him locked on target" So will then OBL be droned, or will the legends of Team Six go in and capture him. If it was up to me, and our guys feel they can do it, I would send in the SEALS to double tap him. OBL will be found in a city. He can't live without his Mac & Cheese. He is hiding in plain sight, and it would not shock me if he was living in one of our so called allies in this war on terror. Most likely Pakistan, but I would not rule out a place in the UAE. He will not be living like a King, but he will not be found camping out in a cave.  I just hope Obama will give the order to kill him, and not bring OBL in for media circus trial.  No mercy, no quarter, maybe 1.35 seconds to allow OBL to surrender, if he does not comply, then the standard double tap. Where will we go from there, well again if it was up to me, I would crank up the heat on whatever country he is found in. We have the ability to covertly insert a team into any country on earth, hopefully it is one where helicopters can go in and out quickly. Spec Ops have some very stealthy birds that are relatively new and were designed just for such an operation.
  Liberal hate, what is it. Well, it is not as bad as Abortion, or is it?   by Raymond  6-10-2009

  Well, MSNBC, (I wrote this just to jump on the Bash MSNBC bandwagon like if I was living in South Park haha) their ratings have dived, there shows, they only get noticed if they are reported on other station. The Left, for 8 years was nothing but hate aimed at George Bush. Some fantasized about his assassination. Michael Moore, pure hate. Janine Grafalow too, calling the Tea Parties racist. Take the incident in Oakland. Fine Police officers, two that I met, they, and two others were killed. But people praised the killer. Sad. Rush Limbaugh, oh the left prayed for him to have renal failure (Actually a Wanda Sykes Joke), why, because Rush did not want Obama to fail, why. Rush knows that Obama's Policies are bad for America. Blast away, Paint with a shotgun. that is what it is about, that is what Liberals do.

  MSNBC has built their entire channel on that. Keep blasting, keep blasting, painting with a shot gun, sure, if you did that, sooner or later paint will be everywhere. Wait, if the liberals read this, Oh man they will think it means getting a real shotgun. that is how stupid they are. Dumb idiots. Toss enough drivel out there, soon people think it is the truth. Look at the hate from the left aimed at Sarah Palin. How many hunting with Cheney comments did you hear. What do you think they meant by that. Well, they made fun of somebody getting shot. They laughed at it. Somebody actually getting shot. The liberals joke at that often. So if I say, I'll blast away, and go painting with a shotgun. I bet liberals will not think that is funny, and will think it is a call to violence, yet it is OK for them to make fun of Cheney actually blasting a person with a shot gun. I have heard that Go hunting with VP Cheney.  Well, if I was asked, I would go. With honor. But if a liberal says go hunting with Cheney, they mean go get shot, and they think that is a funny joke. Sure it is, but when "Right Wingers say something like that, they call it hate, and promoting violence, so, if they say that, then is their "go hunting with Cheney" any different then? Look at Letterman, making a joke of A-Rod raping a 14 year old daughter of a Republican. 

  So, Blast away, paint with a shotgun, you may do better than the guy in the paintball commercial painting his house. Oh Gee, the liberal bad guys are going to think I am going to walk around shooting a shotgun at paint, or wait. What was news like in the 1970s Was ABCs top story about CBS, reporting on PBS about the color change of the peacock on NBC because somebody in the coffee room did not change the coffee grounds they just added more water and hit the start button again. and chanted I'm as Mad as um wait, and that's the way it wasn't cause I was never there, Oh, How the heck was Star Trek on NBC in the 60s but have to watch it online on CBS. Remember, the best news stories are back in the news to report are stories about what another Anchorman said about another news show on another channel but only when the story comes off the AP news wire after is was transmitted through the BBC to TBS recorded from HLN on CNN all from an exclusive on PRAVDA all simlecast  and transmitted live via Tachyon Carrier wave in the SIPHON PHASE PLASMA TRANSMISSION transmitter.
DISCLAIMER:  At no time does this website call for actual Illegal violence,  What, are you nuts! Items written below may mean something to someone.
Debt, personal, professional, National, they lost their minds? by Raymond, 2/20/2008

  Our economy has taken a hard fall. Too many people established loans that placed them into more debt then they were able to cover. But it was not so simple, loan officers were pushing loans and the dream of becoming a home owner to people that could not afford it. They would sell them on the type of loan that you pay a lower payment each month and after a year or two the monthly payments go up sometimes even double. "Don't worry" the loan officer would tell you it is a simple task to refinance and start with lower payments, and since you would have been established a good record of payments, you might get a better deal, or lower rate, either way since you would have had a good track record established getting refinanced would be no problem.  Well, if your home is losing value sinking faster than Titanic you will not be able to refinance. Believe me, they make it look good. Predatory loans.

Getting that loan looks so easy, just x amount a month, and maybe if you are one of the lucky few, it is only 1/4 of your monthly paycheck. It does not matter what for, house, car, motorhome.

Then you have people which of those that default or find themselves in a big financial hole it is often due to an unforseen hardship. The situation, they purchased something that they could not afford because they did not factor in hardship. So they default, maybe they lost their job, unemployment, that starts the daisey chain of death, more and more find themselves on the public dollar, it doesn't matter what type of assistance, it all comes from Govt. However, that means money is going out and less taxpayers are putting in. What is the fix, Govt. prints money, dropping the value of the dollar, that makes things cost more. suddenly, there is a whole bunch of homes on the market with no buyers.  Car lots full of cars. This puts a strain on the lenders, then they have to take steps to carry these revenue holes, money that was coming in is reduced. Add to that, higher energy costs. This has a tsunami effect throughout the economy. People simply did not live within their means, they did not stay within their ability to pay their debts. As this wave rips through the economy, the fastest way for companies to control the leaking flow of coins spilling from their coffers are to lay off workers, it is a Daisy chain, now the fired workers will be in a position where they have lost their ability to pay, the circle continues.

  If you borrow money, be sure you can pay it back. Choose a small home, do not think fall for that line "the bigger home is only a couple hundred dollars a month more".

  Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, this is a sign, if you are borrowing from one person to pay another, then borrow to pay another and so on. This is just buying time by shifting your debt, you borrow from one, then you pay off your previous lender, this is really dishonest.

  Personal debt among friends. If you go around borrowing from your friends, then take advantage of that friendship by thinking that because they are your friend, you might be able to stretch out what you owe them, the thinking in this case is your banking on because they are your friend that they will automatically give you extra time to pay. This is terrible, and insulting to your friend, making excuses is another dishonest thing to do to your friend. Then if your friend calls in the marker and puts pressure on you to pay, you have NO right to get mad. The fault is with the person borrowing the money. It is a good way to kill a friendship if you borrow money, and at the time you borrowed it, you had no way of paying it back. This shows poor character. Never borrow from friends, it is one of the top reasons friendships fail. If you must borrow from a friend, and you know you are not sure you can pay it back, then when you ask for the loan, be honest about your financial situation, tell your friend, you do not know when you can pay. Your friend might not loan it to you, but you might find that your friend might just lend it to you and tell you, pay what you can when you can, or they may even go as far and just give you money to help you out and not expect you to pay it back.

  In the end, if a friendship is busted up because you failed to pay your loan, it is nobody's fault but your own. Be honest, and live within your means. If you can't pay, say so. But communicate. You will find that even credit card companies will cut you slack if you call them and tell them you lost your income and your ability to pay. Some companies even have a payment matching program, if you fall behind, sometimes they will double the amount credited to your account, if you meet the new terms they set. Communication with the people you borrowed from goes a long way, especially if it is a friend.
  Friends, for God provided them. A prayer of Thanks by Raymond 12/19/2009

   Dear Lord: For another earthly year you have blessed me with. Many times I felt alone and lost, despite my vices, you guided me home. Yet more deserving persons lost their earthly home. Yet I remain. I understand in all creation, death here on this earthly kingdom is neither good nor bad. At times I do not understand what I am supposed to do, or where I am to go.

  I have lost some of my friends this year, by your will, you allowed them to break free of my earthly home. I may never understand why, Lord I ask you this, never let me float off the ground, and drift through this earthly kingdom, forgetting to take the time to stop and share my love for my family and friends. For their souls you allowed for them to touch me at times in my life when I needed them most.

  Do not let me move so fast, that their memory of their love and friendship get blown away in the wind, because my little world seems perfect at that moment, to the point that I grab the illusion that I do not need the gift of their friendship and love, you in your wisdom, let them find their way to me when I needed them. Their touch, their voice, you guided to me, many times at great distance. Forgive me for moving so fast in my world, that I forgot this world is theirs too, and one of your greatest gifts to me, was them, and their love and friendship. Most of all, thanks for allowing Jesus to take and keep our souls, for his will be done, AMEN.
How can Liberals claim to stand for liberty if they have no intention of protecting it. Written by Raymond - 7/4/1999

  Democratic Damage Control. By Raymond 1-19-10

As Martha Coakley was getting denied by Scott Brown, and the people of  Massachusetts, I sat at home flipping from channel to channel. Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and variants. I noticed a shift in laughter, especially on MSNBC, they appeared to go to the kind of hopeful, but still having fun laughter, to laughter of embarrassment. Quickly their tone changed, one from issues, to striking out at Coakley, bashing her campaign. Trying real hard to deflect blame, when in reality, Coakley lost because of her blind support of Barack Obama's strategy of running America into a wall, then over a cliff. The liberal hosts seem as if they are broadcasting from a Parallel universe. Then again they always do.

  Still, even days before the election, I saw many liberal pundits start with the excuses, the one I saw most was them bashing the Massachusetts voters for not electing women, but is it really, or was it the fact that the Kennedy's mainly Ted had a stranglehold on this particular senate seat. Face it, nobody was getting by Ted Kennedy. So because Coakley was a woman, no that was not it.

  All night, liberal pundits tried so hard to deflect any blame that was tossed at Barack Obama. The main difference between Fox, and MSNBC, was that Fox saw it coming, and knew exactly why it happened. MSNBC, after the election was called seemed in disarray, OK maybe they always seem like that. So really who is at fault. Why did she lose. The reason, it is entitlement, democrats feel they are entitled to this senate seat. What does this mean for the healthcare reform package. Will the liberals in the house just shove the Senate version through. I know how Barack Obama will react, he will simply continue marching forward. Back room deals will continue. Coakley claims the liberals will be honest in their assessment of this race for this Senate seat. From my view, how can dishonest politicians be honest about anything. If they want to keep blaming George Bush for everything, why not blame him for Martha Coakley's loss. As far as my assessment, the democrats lost this seat, because they acted as if they were entitled to this seat.
  Most likely not, but let's have a bit of fun with this doomsday scenario. Everyone else is. 12/21/2012, it is the subject of movies, books, even history channel documentaries. What does it mean, is it a real threat from nature, or man? Global Warming will freeze you to death. Perhaps a pole shift. That may happen November 2010, hopefully.  Here is a true story, in 1999 I started running a low grade fever. It stayed, always 99 or 100. When my parents called the doctor, they were told to give me children’s Motrin, and bring me in if it climbed to 102. My grandmother noticed I looked terrible, I guess grandmothers always are the first to notice, it seems to be an American tradition, along with a bowl of home made chicken soup. As days turned into weeks, I was hurting, but I never once complained. My grandma took me to the doctor, they said it was the flu, and sent me home. No needle stick for blood, nothing, the doctor said just cough, then listened to my lungs. Go home, drink fluids, and continue on the Motrin. All this, under private Non Profit medical HMO. The big one that starts with a K.

  Another week or two later, I get a bloody nose, a severe one, enough blood to fill up a coffee cup. My Poppy rushed me into the ER. They put a clip on my nose, packaged me up and forwarded me to the Pediatric critical care department, they then shipped me down the hall to the head and neck surgery department. My legs were hurting badly. I thought it was from walking so much. Well the head and neck team cauterized my nose bleed. My Poppy asked them are they going to do a CBC. They said no, he explained that is was a very significant amount of blood. They still said no. Then explained how the nose bleed was caused by a simple scratch, but made serious because I was taking Motrin on a regular basis to keep the fever down. This was the second time the request for blood work was denied. My Father, was mildly angry, my mom accepted the explanation and diagnosis.

  I go home, and eat a bit, then go to sleep. The next day, my legs were still hurting badly. I still did not complain, but my Poppy noticed my limp. I told him I was just sore from the walking. Off to grandma’s we go. She looked at me and said I had no color. My Dad said the doctors told him I would be like that for a day or two. We visited a while, my grandma was not happy and said I should go back to the doctor. As we left, I bumped my leg, and I let out a big scream, my Dad checked it out, I had a small bruise, my grandma said something is not right, that was barely hard enough to hurt. Off to the ER we went, they shoved us to pediatrics. Again the doctor said it is just the flu. My Dad then was angry, requested blood work. The doctor then said if they did blood work on every visit, it would run the cost up too much. That would then mean higher rates, or cuts in coverage. My Dad looked at him and said you already seem to be in ration mode. Then he remarked about another sister hospital of the same HMO kicked a guy out with a knife still sticking out of his head. They warned my father not to make a scene because of the other kids. We left, but then went right back to the ER.

  Oh this now seemed like a prize fight and it was the middle rounds, nobody looked like they would score a knock out, so it was time to settle in for the long haul. My Dad said he would jab until he was tossed out, or I had blood work done.  Then we get my regular doctor by chance. God’s hand has done a bit of intercession it seemed.  So now blood work, oh joy. My father was really mad at this point, but relieved, and he did the entire run down of the month long adventure to get a simple blood test. They assured him nothing was wrong. They took the blood, and we waited, the doctor said for us to wait for the results, they were sent STAT, I still do not know what STAT stands for. Anyway, we waited, about 40 minutes.  A nurse came in, with a bag of blood, and 3 doctors followed, and one big guy. I guess they thought my Poppy would snap because the entire time I was on death’s door step. I would have slipped into a coma and died that night because my red blood cells and platelets were dangerously low. After the transfusion, I was admitted, then given a few more bags o blood meals, then they ran some more tests, then discharged me, and my Poppy drove me to the main hospital in San Francisco. On the way over I saw a Homestead Billboard. It had a cartoon looking house, that is what caught my eye. I was six years old back then, so as I was in the hospital for months, I built my own website myself.

  So, my point, Confidence, many of us are confident when we are sick we can go in and get a test, find out what is wrong, and try to get it fixed.  We do not think they have to ration how many blood tests are given, yes maybe the big stuff, you get put on a waiting list. But even County hospital here in the Bay Area, they act rather quick, the doctor is not thinking about rationing or insurance problems. Case in point, my father was caught without health care once, and had to go to county, they rushed him into surgery because his spine was detached from his hip. They did not have to put in a request to the government watch dog. They dove right in.

  So medical care is available under the current system if it is a need. But now, the politicians are even uncertain of what was in the bill when they voted, the process of reconciling the house to the senate version is taking so long because none who voted for it read the entire bill thoroughly.  If the law makers are uncertain, and even refuse to take the same coverage, cutting deals and exemptions, where does that leave the average citizen. Or our seniors, most can do math, so removing 500 billion from Medicare, how will that make it better.

  I have spoken to seniors, and they are uncertain.  Then congress is trying to lock the doors and make changes without public debate. Is this Fascist Nazi Germany? Am I going to get named the worst person in the world by Keith Olbermann just for bringing up the N and F word.  I am uncertain under a government regulated system where you are forced to by substandard healthcare that I would have been able to get that blood test without having to have doctors file a mountain of paper work, and my parents filing some type of an official appeal. Sure, they kept pushing me aside, and blowing my blood test off, but we kept going back, and we dealt with the doctor, in the exam room. Not some office, arbitrator, or proctor to get that blood test. Adding more “regulators” bureaucrats, pencil pushers that make up walls that sit between the patient, doctor, and government, will slow down how quickly one can access life saving procedures. That breeds uncertainty, and uncertainty in the medical profession equals death. 

  In the end, I beat the odds and am a 10 year cancer survivor of Neuroblastoma Stage 4, there is no set protocol to fight Neuroblastoma. At the stage they found it in me, I am supposed to be dead. I do not know how this new healthcare bill will effect my healthcare. I have private insurance with a Not for profit HMO. Kaiser. They saved my life, many of the doctors and nurses became my friends. What I needed, I got. But if the law changes start forcing HMOs to go in cookie cutter treatments, many children fighting these rare cancers will die. Just the loss of confidence and jump in uncertainty will kill.  The government already allows wholesale murder of human life in the womb.  Will they start forcing those that object to abortion to pay for it. That is what will happen. You pay through taxes. It does not matter if the tax is open, or buried into the manufactures costs.  Is this the Mayan prophecy of the 12/21/2012 doomsday?
The L.B.J. factor in 2012?   by Raymond 7-8-2009

    Mirror Mirror, Déjà vu. What say you?  Yippee Ki Yay, this is my first blah blah rant of the new years.  Now I was not around in the 60's to see the fiasco unfold in real time. I am not referring to the assassination of R.F.K. I am referring to the pressure Robert Kennedy brought to the show. However I feel history repeating itself, again I am not referring to the death of R.F.K. What I am referring to is L.B.J. not seeking re-election. Mainly due to the war. A war that America should have fought, and won quickly. The reason the war in Vietnam was lost, in my opinion, is that it was micro managed from the White house, with a heavy dose of Politics and terrible tactics. I really do not know who was more to blame, Gen. Restore, or Lyndon B. Obama, oops I mean Lyndon B. Johnson.

  So here we are, sitting in the 21st century, and all because George W. Bush got us in this mess (A bit of sarcasm since Mr Obama must blame President G. Bush by default. Still, White House tactics does not work on the battlefield. I actually came to the conclusion the day Hillary Clinton took the job of US Sec State.  Goes that saying, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. I am not sure if that is the exact saying, but if my memory serves me, it was penned by Sun Tzu. I already have been laughed at, the same way I was laughed at when I said Barack Obama was going to beat John McCain. I feel McCain lost it when he did his little political dance of saying he was suspending his campaign to fix the economy, ha, McCain blew it, since he voted with the status quo, when he should have opposed the bailout. Sure it is too early to tell if Obama will amount to anything, but his record is posted for all to see. So, maybe it will be Clinton/Pelosi in '12, or Hillary Clinton/Willie Brown in '12. I think if Clinton can raise enough campaign dollars she could win. However, I think the Democrats will quietly ask Barack Obama to exit stage to the left, much like Lyndon B. Johnson said I will not seek or accept the nomination. 

  America is facing tough times, The question, will we bend a bit under pressure, like metal, or when the load gets too high, will she shatter into tiny bits, or maybe the Mayans have gotten it correct and on 12/21/2012 our mother earth, and our civilization becomes the final one to call earth our home. Hey folks $787 billion, yep, and that is just the beginning of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, the three spend-kateers.
Melanie R. Morgan
  How goes your spending spree?  by Raymond 7-3-2010

  The only group who needs a spending spree is The United States Armed Forces.  The Liberals continue to blame George Bush, but they seem to forget that Liberals have been in control of congress for years, so both are to blame, Bush for not using his veto power more often, and congress for spend spend spend, that includes the Liberal Republicans. Now Barack Obama will spend America out of debt, $787 Billion, and counting, and his first term is not over yet folks. Well, tomorrow is a day to celebrate America's freedom, America has been down before, and America always comes roaring back. I have never seen this done first hand, I can only talk to friends and family who lived through the Great Depression, World War II, and the problems faced in the 70s.  While America was facing these hardships, America secured freedom from the Axis, and despite the problems of the 60s and 70s, America put men on the moon.  America will come roaring back again. God willing, I will see this turn around first hand, and play some part in it. God Bless America.

Tax code nightmare, Politicians economics.   By Raymond 10-1-2010

Is the new year going to be a tax dream, or a nightmare. As it stands, everyone that pays tax, will get hit and have to pay more if the Bush era tax cuts are not kept in place. But do not let the media fool you, I have heard that many say the democrats will pass tax cuts for the middle class. No, this is wrong. You will not get a tax cut. Nobody will be getting a new tax cut at all. Extending the Bush era tax rate will keep your current tax rates in place. The vote, if they even do take a vote, is whether or not to raise your taxes, it is not a vote that will cut your taxes further. If they do vote to keep it, no doubt Obama will dance and chant that he gave you a new tax cut. I think the democrats may pass something that keeps some, but allows others to go up. The question is where will they draw that line. Obama uses that $250,000 mark. If the Bush era tax cuts expire, some that don't pay taxes will now pay. Don't die owning property, give it away now, or if you leave property, and not enough cash, your family may have to sell just to pay the tax. The idea of a tax on your family just because you die is terrible. It is wrong. Politicians do not care, they get a free ride. How they think, it is insane, would you spend 150 million dollars of your own money to be an elected official and have a job for a few years that pay you 150 grand.  That should tell you how they plan to spend tax payer dollars if they win.  The United States have been in debt for generations, yet they still have the property, and a big white house worth billions. Look at your assets, could you build and keep a fortune that would last generations after generations if your in a constant state of growing debt.
Barack Hussein Obama King of Earth?* Written by Raymond 5/17/2011 

   President Barrack Obama has been in campaign mode since 2007.  He has even visited '57' States in America. Wait, that was a misspoken word, but really was it? Or was Barack Obama seeing the future in his mind. Barack Obama has been in office, and his flagship piece of his accomplishments is forcing Americans to buy health insurance. That is really incomplete, for Obama wanted to have the federal government take over as sole provider of healthcare. He would have installed a medical program option which would have been government operated. It would have been free for everyone except millionaires.

   Well, I will not dive further into Obama-care, but that is being challenged as a violation of the Constitution. If it passes the supreme court, which Obama has stacked so far with liberals rather than neutral judges that do not use ideology as a yardstick. If it becomes law, then the Fedzilla will become all powerful, congress would be able to legislate what you must by. They already legislate what you can't buy. POPPYCOCK! it should be only up to the states to set such laws. The Feds are stomping on the states.

  Barack Hussein Obama, King of the Earth. Now how did I arrive at it. Well today Barack Obama was behind his teleprompters telling Israel how to redraw and manage their borders. Obama has been behind those Teleprompters before, or sending his henchmen. Telling Egypt, "we are watching" Obama's administration has been suggesting how governments of the middle east to back off, let the rebels take control.

  I wonder. What is he really wanting. Well, it is all nutty speculation on my part. But it would make a great Tom Clancy story, an American president overtly taking power within the United States, growing more executive powers. Then covertly, by supporting a band of rebels behind the "scenes" in oil rich nations. But I am a sucker for a good world domination story. Who knows, but ignore this paranoid rant from me, it is not like America is ran by Tzars now right? Executive power is limited, no President would fake a war to get control of its own people, and other nations at the same time right? Oh wait, Hitler did that with Austria and Poland. Na, it could not happen again, hang on, somebody is knocking at my door.....................................
*The article above titled Barack Hussein Obama, King of Earth was written from the POV a ranting paranoid idiot. It is based on what a nutty conspiracy theorist might see in his/her mind.
  The Hollywood Search Warrant        Written by Raymond 5/20/2011

  Have you ever been watching a TV police movie, say like Miami Vice when he is asking the manager of an apartment building to open up so they can search. The Manager then asks for a warrant. Crockett then starts reading a legal paper claiming it states the warrant to search that tenants name. The Manager does not look at the paper, but tells Crockett to lock up when he is done. NY-City Cop Tubbs, operating out of his jurisdiction, then asks Crockett for the warrant. He reads it and it is a warranty for tires.

  So you probably laughed at that scene. Well, under the Patriot act federal investigators of any level could issue themselves warrants, then serve them to third party information holders. IE your doctor, phone company, cable company, power company, probably anybody that has a record of something you have done, or something you have bought. Including local police to see if you are a gun owner, or CCW permit holder,or open carry permit holder. Well, that scene in Miami Vice is not as funny watching it time around now is it. This part of the Patriot Act needs to be rewritten. That entire act needs to be re written. Some kept, some tossed. No law should ever be passed that is designed to side step, or take a short cut around the Constitution.

  The Government is claiming it is to keep us safe. If we lose our liberty, we are no longer safe. I leave you with this quote from Ben Franklin. They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Medical Conundrum? is this the real 2012 doomsday prophecy the Mayans predicted?   By Raymond  1/10/2010
  Mass Murder. 12-15-2012 by Raymond.
First of all it is said mass school killings did not exist before 1960. That is an outright lie. America's worst mass school murder commited by Andrew Kehoe in Bath Township, Michigan, on May 18, 1927 and killed 38. So mass murder was in America's schools before the AR-15 Semi-Automatic rifle.

Mass killings are actually on the way down according to the FBI and CDC, they were at their highest in the 1920s. So are more gun bans the answer, or should a better, common sense look at violent mental illness take place, and a better support structure be developed.

Is this a perception problem because of the news media rushing to fill the 24 hour news cycle with every natural or man made tragedy that takes place. As far as school shootings go, the answer is simple, and easily done. Social Security offices and most federal buildings have armed security. So why don't schools have them. Is the government saying children are not important enough to protect. The Gun laws in CT list that AR-15 was a banned weapon. One section of the law states any rifle made to resemble a true military assault rifle is illegal. However, look at the 1994 assault weapons ban, it did nothing to lower the murder rate. Columbine took place after the ban was in place. The biggest mistake politicians and liberals make is to blame the tool used to kill with rather than blame the killer.

Now some place blame on video games. So I ask, what video games did a young Adolf Hitler, or Josef Stalin play when they were children, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam Husein, Fidel Castro or Che Guevara. What video games made these men become mass murderers.? Armed guards would have given a layer of protection for those children. Not "Gun Free" zones.

There is one factor that is killing our society, that is our federal government has become too big, and spends too much of OUR money. I believe the debt is now over $100,000.00 for every household. I can't pay that. Can you? It is a crime. President Barack Obama has ran up more debt than ALL past presidents combined. 6 Trillion alone in his first term. An estimate of 20 Trillion when he is done. President Bush is right behind him adding 10 Trillion in 8 years. Or averaged out to 4 trillion per term. Right now Barack Obama is at 6 trillion, and climbing and his first term is not over yet.

It now appears this kid snapped because his mother apparently threatened him with hospital confinement. This was his 'stressor' and he became a spree killer. Was this the mistake of the parent? Perhaps if your child is that troubled, then you call the authorities rather than make a threat to do so. I am not a parent, so I cannot really say how I would have gone about it. Now this was not reasonably foreseeable. Most people with problems do not snap and become a spree killer as their world collapses around them. Suicide is a form of murder, so were there identifiable signs? With all this said, is the media driving these tragedies to a point where public perception thinks mass murder is rampant enough to enact restrictions of our freedoms. Some may say one mass killing is to many. I say look at humans, and our history, I am more surprised more mass killings don't take place. Evil is within all of is. We all must be vigilant with ourselves. Maybe the answer is not some big sweeping federal act, but simply a small one. Starting with our own hearts, and extend that to a few friends around us. If we all did that, we would be in better shape. Turn off the TV news, and go bond with your family and friends.
Mass killings and SSRIs, and other anti psychotic drugs. by Raymond 1-7-2013

  Anti depressants, and anti psychotics are prescribed not just for anti depression. Also a simple fact is not everyone that takes these drugs is picking up a gun and killing somebody. Just in the same manner that every semi automatic rifle sold is not used in a mass killing.

These drugs are prescribed often for back pain, neuropathy pain (Pain from damage from diabetes) migraine headaches, and to fight certain non psychiatric side effects from chemotherapy. I keep hearing "every" mass killer was on some type of drug, and they then make that link. Well that is exactly the same as when they say "Every" mass shooting was done with a "Assault Weapon"

  The fact is the reason is not the drug, but more than likely the person had a defect in their brain, either a physical defect, or an electro-chemical defect which may have been worsened by these drugs. One issue is maybe these people are so far gone that no drug will eliminate the danger caused by their mental defect. I fear this may lead to a requirement that you have to get psycho analyzed to buy a gun, or you may have to get an F-MRI to buy a gun. In both cases, a psychoanalyst may miss read you and now your black listed. Or an F-MRI may show you are a Psychopath, and it is a fact that all psychopaths are not violent. Evil exists in this world, and that is a fact. The best way is to defend our schools with armed guards. It is the only way you can stop a bad guy with a gun.

  The Sandy Hook shooter so far I do not know if they have said what medication Adam was on. I do know that one report was proved to be false. In closing I suggest this, (I do not have the exact figures) How many times a day do people take these drugs, and out of those people since the day these drugs started to be prescribed, probably millions, so of that number of people taking these drugs, how many of them picked up a gun and went out shooting people. I bet it is a very low percentage, just like it is a very low percentage of murders committed are with a military semi automatic replica rifle.

Right now those who are speculating that the drugs are causing it are just as guilty as piers Morgan placing the blame of mass school killings on semi automatic "Assault" weapons. The math just does not show a direct cause and effect of these drugs, and murder. There was a study done with Prozac in children, and young teenagers that there was a non significant decrease in aggression when compared to placebos.

  With over 25 million people taking these drugs, we should see millions of mass killings from the people taking these drugs, if these drugs alone were making people homicidal or suicidal, or both. 

*This is my opinion, I am not a Psychologist, or a psychiatrist blog archives

What course is America on? Written by Raymond April 1, 2013

Years ago I said America will go down a dark path because Barack Obama is a liar. The proof is in his 2008 campaign. He has failed in foreign policy, and the only reason Osama Bin Laden is dead is because the team put in place long before Obama stepped into the ring were good, and they knew how to navigate the bullshit the Obama administration brought to the game. They did hesitate taking Bin Laden down. Thank God we have the best. However in months following the raid we have lost way to many SEALs. I will not go into why because we still are in the middle of a war. The stupidest thing done was allowing information out. SEAL team six never should have been acknowledged they did the job. You have the death of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in a tragic murder, along with Chad Littlefield. Chris was a hero, our best sniper in history. Did President Obama honor Chris, no, he  did not the nation drop the flags to half staff, President Obama ordered it for Whitney Houston, and she was no Hero. Why. I wonder if Chris Kyle were Black would Barack Obama have honored him like he honored Ms Houston. I have nothing against her, and her death was tragic, it is just a question.  What about Brian Terry, or our loses in Benghazi. I admit since some were people I met and I have gone target shooting with it is a personal issue with me.

Then you have the debt, Bush ran up deficit spending and a lot was from the war, but Obama did not increase the spending due to the war.  Mr "I will go through line by line and cut the budget" If he did cut one thing, he most likely added a half dozen more dollars for every dollar he claimed he was going to cut. Obama won because the republicans keep shooting themselves in the head, let alone the feet. Herman Cain was a bright spot, and if not for the crap, he most likely would have won the primary, and the election. Democrats continue to play race cards. This is not surprising since they are the party of Slavery, Eugenics, and brought the KKK into existence, not to mention fought the civil rights movement for 100 years. Want proof, the democrat in the white house blocked the civil rights bill right after the Civil War. Then fought it decade after decade. I talk to school kids and they have no clue that Lincoln's VP was a democrat. Or that the KKK was founded by democrats, and that democrats fought the civil rights bill with the filibuster. Asking them what a Dixiecrat was. No clue.

Now You have Planned Parenthood calling for the legal ability to murder a child outside the womb. America is a secular nation founded by men under God. Simply acknowledging there is a creator is not the establishment of a religion. So Americans have a choice, they have seen where Liberal Democrats are taking this country. I don't think many Americans run through issue by issue before they vote anymore. They just eat the meat, without trimming the fat. We must remember, we are in charge, but too many rather just pull the lever, then wait til the next vote. Politicians are called our representatives for a reason. They are not our leaders. Liberals rammed Obamacare down our throats without even reading the darn bill. I think out of all only 1 republican voted for it. So I ask you, would you sign a major financial and medical contract without reading it? If you did not vote, than you really do not have solid ground to stand on. Voter turn out was 57.5%, and that is why America is in the mess it is in. It seems more and more citizens do not care enough to get out and vote. With absentee ballots, you don't even have to leave your home. I will not even get into the moral implications about the marriage issue, all I know is California voted, the vote was rejected, no wonder why turn out keeps diving. You have the Govt. ignoring the will of the voters. My conclusions are simple, its up to We The People to step up and lead our leaders. If you have 40% staying home without voting, and the margin of victory is less than 10%, well that means the people that could change the direction of our country are staying home without making the effort. This country is still in the hands of the people. there is no need to start a revolution, or a civil war, just get the heck up and vote.
Hi, my name is Raymond I am a cancer survivor Neuroblastoma Stage IV This is some of my articles archived from sites I used to write for. I have stopped writing on a regular basis because of health.  You can also find me on twitter with my best friend Star of Justified International Film and TV Star Nick Searcy.
Some articles contain sarcasm.
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The biggest evil Liberal Democrats support and defend is denying some the right to enter this great nation from within the womb. They take the chance of that human lifeform to become a human that forms a way of life.
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Abortion. By Raymond, July 1999
I'm tired and sick so if my grammar and spelling suck, I don't care anymore, and also sometimes it's intentional, however typos are just that, a screw up by me, or  one of my unpaid overworked assistants. Every day I feel like I have to hurl and every day Morphine pumps through my bloodstream 24/7 I have bounced on and off radio and written for various websites since 1999 when I was age 6.  So I don't care about critics anymore. You can email me with your opinion, and I might even read it. Sure Email is so 20th century but if you want to criticize me, please do it in my email. (yes I do get sarcastic, and that's for you to figure out. Afetr all i have been through i don't take trolls seriously, or anyone who writes in CHRONIC CAPS. I had a few gut busting belly laughing conversations with Chris Kyle, a friend that was forced away from us, but he laughed at those that did not like his opinion and insulted him for in online. I do the same. Heck sometimes I like to get a tub of Popcorn and read the hate mail. It is a bit of a challenge to decode their language. Anyway, liberlas have been warned they need not enter here. Yes I misssspelled that and that. Enjoy, and I do apologize to those that used to expect me to write more regular. I do use twitter more, youb can find me there  thatv was a frakking typo :)
Have a good day.
Me and Nick Searcy and was taken during a day of shooting the final season of the hit show on FX called Justified.  We both are awesome. Nick's opinion is not equal to mine, it is often better than everyones.
The following article was written by my friend for a school assignment where he had to write a short paragraph about a historical person who he admires. To put this in context he goes to public school and his family are essentially you run of the mill traditional Democrats. He considers himself a Conservative Republican and has essentially arrived at his ideology on his own and is often ridiculed for it at home and sometimes at school.  He has "TRUE GRIT" and has a mild form of Autisim. He is the most amazing kid I know.

US History Report. Written by Nathan Rios. 3/14/2014

The person I admire in the history of the U.S. over the past 50 years is President Ronald Wilson Reagan. There is without a doubt he is the greatest President this nation has received yet. He was previously an actor before he ran for political office. Reagan triggered the end of the Berlin Wall. He boosted our economy with an overhaul of the tax code by simplifying by lowering taxes. Something these liberal rejects will never understand. Horrible Presidents such as Carter, Clinton, and Obama are not nearly half the man Reagan ever was as they didn't understand how to lead a nation. This man has even ended the reign of the Soviet Union without having to go to war. I'm dead honest when I say we'll never receive a president better than the all American Ronald Reagan."  Today we now have a horrific situation where Russia had been embolded by a lack of leadership in the Whitehouse. Surely no president since Reagan has even come close to the courage and leadership by Ronald Wilson Reagan.
  Abortion, racism, and the VA. Written By Raymond 5-20-2014.

  Abortion is the most racist act to mankind. Not only do democrats allow it, they promote and celebrate it as an achievement.  The Democrats history is one of pure hate. They were violently supporting slavery, they put in the Jim Crow laws. The fact is Democrats were late to the Civil Rights table. They did not start the civil rights movement. They fought it all the way even the one LBJ signed, which he was not the first POTUS to sign in a civil rights bill. The media wants you to forget that it was the GOP that abolished slavery and were the true champions of civil rights. If you believe the Propaganda from the left, they still call America a racist country. Its not. There are individuals and some racist gangs, and let us not forget it was the Democrats that created the KKK.  If America had widespread racism there would be no way Barack Obama would have been elected because he cant win without the white vote.

  Then there is the VA problem. He was told it was all falling to hell fast in the transition, and fact is President Bush was blocked from doing improvements, the congress under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid held our soldiers hostage by all their budget games not wanting to fully fund a war and all that goes with it. Bill Clinton downsized the VA.  President Barack Obama not only knew about the problem. Years ago he promised to fix it. Ladies and Gentlemen, when you hear Democratic Crack Pots like Fox News Channel's Bob Beckel call for single payer healthcare, well remember the VA is Government run single payer healthcare. It is a mess.

  Hang on, if you're thinking I want to abolish it, than you are a bigger fool than Mr Beckel. People do need to go to jail. Eric Holder does not want to investigate the VA problem, most likely because it probably goes right to the top.
Raymond's Corner
Ebola in America? By Raymond 6/10/1999

  As I sit here with tubes, sticky pads, diapers, and a tube inside that caatches my pee. I have a tube in my nose and nothing up my bum yet. Kelly's Heroes is playing for the 10th time in the past month or so. Its my favorite movie. I did manage to watch a few others. Star Trek II Wrath of Khan, Andromeda Strain and Outbreak. Maybe its a coincidence but yesterdaay I haad a conversation with my doctor about Ebolaa. Yes I aam probaably going to die from this cancer and I really aam more worried aabout Ebola. Am I crazy, DON'T EMAIL ME AN ANSWER it was a rhetorical question. Well maybe the cancer will kill me first but that day will be 2 days after doomsday. I will be in orbit watching the Earth break up, I just hope Reily doesn't take over engineering, he can't sing at all.  My VCR tape of The Naked Time broke. Or my Mom broke iit. She was mad about it she thinks the title means some people are nmaked. Well 10 years ago Ebola hit the United States right in a key area where people could have spread it all over crippling the United Staates so bad that maybe Big Blu 82 would have been used.

  Today I had a some interesting visitors. A team of military doctors here observing. They want to observe how pediatrics do things. I guess they can't do that in the military hospitals. So one of the doctors stayed and watched Kelly's Heroes with me. She had not seen it. She happened to talk to my doctor and he told her that I was scared Ebola would get me.  I asked her why if Ebola-Reston is harmless to humans and the opnes that were infected with Ebola-Reston did not get  sick then why did they destroy the facility and turn it into a parking lot. I told the doc they should take Ebola-Reston and use that as a Vaccine for Ebolaa-Zaire. The Doctor looked at me like I just wrote a check to pay off the national debt. It would be a vaccine developed in a simialr manner as the small pox vaccine. The problem doc saaid is they are unable to tell which is E\Zaire and which is E\Reston.  I suggested aa comprehensive DNA determinaation, and once E\Reston is isolated. Then the doc said it was too early to determine if it would work but it already was determined the people infected with E\Reston have a strong immunity to E\Zaire. Too early,  I said you have had the Reston for 10 years. Of course it took a few to finally figure out what they had and it was highly infectious since E\Reston is airborne. They think it mutated. USAMRIID also thinks E\Reston may be a mutated version of E\Zaire. If that is true they aare saying as it turns airborne it loses its lethality in humans.

  Oh that would be greata, God's direct work, bum luck, or what. Chicken or the egg, what came first, E\Reston, or E\Zaire.  When I started talking bio terror, well suddenly Kelly's Heroes became more interesting. Then I used the force and gave them goosse bumps, for I said the Spanish Flu was Ebola Zaire wasn't it.  Well one said possibly. I then threw a curving slider and said, Pan Spermia? Heh Heh they asked if I could rewind Kelly's Heroes to the beginning and  they laughed their head off cause the opening scene is the best, Kelly sitting in his American Jeep in traffic and troops are walking about, the normal chaos of a military convoy in the rain on an unpaved road. One thing, he was in a German Convoy in an American Jeep. Then the one German noticed, the look on his face was classic. Kelly even splashed some Nazi troopers with muddy water. 

  Ebola is coming. The only question is will I be around to see it.  USAMRIID is on it, but will they do like in Outbreak and not be truthful to the public to prevent a panic, or to keep its secrets. I'm sure Russia has it. Maybe China. The question is are they weaponizing it.  The movie Outbreak is fairly accurate if you have such an officer like oddball. AKA Donald Sutherland. He played OddBall in Kelly's Heroes. He played the evil officer in Outbreak.  If a large outbreak of Ebola occurs I wonder will the POTUS hesitate to send in USAMRIID, will the public understand or will the conspiracy nuts become lose. Its best to contain it at the scene before it comes to America so I would deploy a few thousand troops especially if it gets lose in South Africa. They say its not airborne but Reston is, and if people aare bleeding in their lungs, coughing or sneezing blood it will infect HC workers. Full BL-4 suits, and a Pine-Sol Shower before they take the suits off. This could be perveted into a terrible weapon. The terroiosts that attacked the World Trade Center with truck bombs are still out there. Only a token effort was made by Clintoon to make us think we are safe.  If they are willing to blow themselves up with a bomb, why not get infected with ebola and go to the street where they put on red lights. Even more direct, of course because the symptoms are so acute its hard for me to see a person doing anything, but since it spread by blood, a person blowing themselves up at a sporting event like a basketball game.