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   As time goes by our combat veterans of W.W.II also fade into history one by one.  We can't let the memory of these who secured and maintained our freedom fade away. Some of our historical military bases have closed. However there is a way to keep the memory of the brave who sacrificed, some gave a part of their life and some gave their whole life.  We can keep Veteran ships in a living state for generations. The USS Hornet is one of those veterans, and she needs our help to stay open and to be preserved for us to remember. Please visit The USS Hornet. Please click here to learn more.

thank you . from Raymond
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Please call 1-800-marrow-2 many of us need your help. 
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At age 10 Raymond was chosen the New Jersey GOP Dude of the week
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"This is for the ones who never made it home. For straight to the Lord they went, for they have truly found peace" by Raymond  11/16/2000
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 "Don't look up to me for I am a fraud, for it is God that has carried me here. I did not walk here by myself. Anyone that thinks they are "self made" is living an illusion, for they did not forge the path that existed under their legs as they learned to walk. They took the gift God gave them, and made a life out of it. Some share that life with others. Some gave their life so others could live. Some complain they want the life others have. Then there is a few evil bastards that take the life out of other people. " -by Raymond 12/12/2005
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AL DAViS 7/4/1929 - 10/8/2011
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My Prayers go out for the President and Congress. Please guide them out of the darkness to do the right thing for the United States of America. 
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